Corsair is here welcome to my new video .One of the most fascinating images, shows a ribbed tube or tunnel-like structure. Partially covered by the surface terrain, the structure looks as though it has been unearthed by some geologic process. The structure resembles the so-called “glass worms. These are, without a doubt, the most fascinating objects yet photographed on the surface of Mars. They look like long translucent tubes supported by rows of bright arches.

The official NASA stance on these structures is that they are quite natural and are, in fact, “dune trains” – rows of sand dunes. The article “Is This an Artificial Construct on Mars” compares this photo with another photo of actual Martian dune trains. They don’t look anything alike. While the picture of “actual” dunes indeed looks like sand dunes, this enigmatic structure does not. The image was discovered in June 2000 among the many images posted at Malin Space Science Systems, which has tens of thousands of Mars pictures available for online viewing and examination. But those pictures need to be explained by officials. Thank you for watching corsair out!


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