Noam Chomsky joins me to discuss the Russia-Ukraine War. It is the second time he joins me on the show.

This conversation heavily focuses on Chomsky’s perspective on the Russia-Ukraine war, what needs to be done to end it, the likelihood of the conflict becoming World War III, and more.

Given time constrains and the context in which we are currently living in, I was unable to ask him deeper questions on self-reliance, his definition of wisdom, linguistics, and government.

If you’re interested in these topics, consider watching our previous conversation –

Hope you enjoy.

00:00 – Introduction
01:37 – Is a settlement the only way to solve the Ukraine / Russia Conflict?
09:57 – How does this war compare with past ones?
13:06 – What can we do to stop the war?
16:45 – How can we discern between truth and noise around the Ukraine / Russia Conflict?
19:10 – How does the world look like after this war ends?
23:11 – Will the conflict start World War III?
26:05 – What can individuals do during a crisis such as this?
35:01 – Can we mobilize through the use of social media?
37:20 – Events that have made the most impact in Noam’s life.


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