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The role of music, psychedelics, and Ayahuasca ceremony in working with Trauma and addiction, recorded live in Berlin for the Wisdom of Trauma tour.

You can watch this full talk and eight other modules in our new course produced by Science and Nonduality and Dr. Gabor Maté ‘Reclaiming Authenticity’ available now.

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Modules include:
Beliefs : How do our beliefs keep us stuck?
Children : How to create authentic relationships with our children?
Emotions : Exploring the story behind your feelings
Healing : Is it possible to heal individually in the midst of collective trauma?
Parents : Modern-day challenges for parents in a peer-oriented world
Psychedelics : What are the healing properties of different psychedelics?
Psychosomatics : Understanding the true meaning of illness
Society : Uncovering the Myth of Normal
Trauma : Understanding the wounds within us

Many of our afflictions, mental illnesses, and physical diseases stem from trauma. Trauma directly affects our nervous system and leaves us stuck in defense and reactivity. It compromises our capacity to be present, open, loving — it prevents us from being our authentic selves.

– Do you recognize cycles of pain in your life?
– Do you often feel disconnected from your authentic self?
– Do you know a better life is possible, and do you still have questions on how to get there?

… then this series may be for you. It is meant for parents, therapists, teachers, healers, anyone who has experienced adversity, or is simply seeking to understand how trauma shapes our lives.

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