I have been very apprehensive to tell my story, as I’m sure most are. One night in 1994, I went to bed around 11:00 PM. My two oldest children ages 10 and 12, were already asleep. My youngest wasn’t born yet. My husband was at work, so we were home alone. I woke up abruptly to a brilliant light coming through the bedroom window over my bed. I looked at my alarm clock—it was 2:20. I immediately became aware of a presence in my room. I was disoriented, and I thought it was a break-in. I remember being horrified for my children, and attempting to reach for my pistol that I kept in my bedside table. I suddenly became paralyzed, and unable to move anything but my eyes. I was slowly turned from my side onto my back by an unseen force. When I was turned over, I saw four beings.

Two at the end of my bed at each corner, and two on each side of me close to my head. I wasn’t able to see the ones standing at my head as well, they were in my peripheral but I had a clear view of the two at the end of the bed. They were grays, wearing black hooded robes. They were short, maybe four feet. I say that because my bed came up to about their waist. I could see their faces, and their hands. They were the typical grays reported by so many people. They did not speak, or attempt to communicate with me. I slowly began to levitate off the bed, still paralyzed. They never touched me, but as soon as I was levitated about a foot off the bed, I was slowly floated out of the bedroom and down the hall, with two on each side. They were small enough that they were able to stay at my side as I was floated prone down the hall. It was then that I realized there was a fifth one.

It was at my head, although I do not remember seeing it in my bedroom. All I could think about were my children. As we turned the corner at the end of the hallway, I saw that my front door was opened, and the same brilliant light was shining through the door. It was so bright, it was blinding. At that moment I was able to partially break my paralysis, and attempted to grab the corner of the wall as we went past it. That is the very last thing I remember, before waking up, sitting up in bed staring at my alarm clock. It was 5:00 am. I remember “knowing” that I was rendered completely unconscious immediately following grabbing the corner of the wall, in order to subdue me. I have no memory of being taken on to a craft, or what happened after that. I have only told two people about this. One is my ex, the one who was gone that night, and my present husband. I would like to know what happened to me that night—I think. I would be curious to know if I could remember through hypnosis. I had no idea who to contact. I just googled MUFON, and saw your email address. Feel free to email me back with any questions. NOTE: The above image is CGI.








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