In Partnership with UFO Mega Con – The correlation between remote viewing and extraterrestrials, also known as EBE’s.
Remote viewers would be attracted to targets which would often attract “high strangeness events”, which included alien spaceships. Also, TIME TRAVEL was found to be possible. With the help and direction of Ingo Swann and a group of operations in Fort Meade, the impossible proved possible.
In this fascinating lecture, Michael will share some of his experiences, plus how remote viewing works and how it can be used to heighten personal insight and intuition.

A super-natural man, an International remote viewer, and more. Michael Telstarr was born on Friday July 13th. He strongly believes in mind over matter and the belief we are more than our physical selves.
Michael has attended the Monroe Institute for their Gateway and Trainer’s Program. He has also attained his Remote Viewing in Co-ordinate, Extended, and Masters with David Moorehouse.

His demonstrations of the paranormal will leave you feeling amazed. Combined with his mastery of energy and principles of the metaphysical, he will leave you with a feeling of a being in the TWILIGHT zone.

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