In a recent interview with Politico, Mayor Eric Adams said that he believes NYC is filled with special energy because of mysterious stones under the city.

Mayor Eric Adams Believes NYC Is Filled With 'Special Energy' Because Of Mysterious Stones Under The City 1

Mayor Eric Adams believes that New York City has a’special energy,’ but it isn’t due to what’s in the water; rather, it is said to be in the ground.

Eric Adams, who is frequently pictured wearing crystal bracelets on his right wrist, is one of the most well-known crystal enthusiasts in politics.

Adams reportedly said in a recent interview with Politico that he learned that New York sits on a stockpile of rare gems and stones, and that as a result, “there’s a special energy that comes from here.”

Ryan Hilton, a Metaphysical supply store employee in Manhattan, claimed she had no idea Adams was interested in crystals and found it “fascinating.”

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“Its a very helpful way to work on yourself and motivate you to try to align yourself and connect with people around you and your thoughts and feelings,” she said.

The crystal Adams was seen wearing in a chakra bracelet earlier this year is supposed to help Adams connect with his spirit guide and open up communication with the spiritual world, according to her.

A green aventurine crystal, known as a stone of the heart that is said to remove negative feelings, as well as tiger eye stone, a protective stone designed to resist negativity, were also seen on his bracelet.

The mayor may have been alluding to the Manhattan Schist, a geological foundation beneath New York City that formed over 450 million years ago and contains over 100 minerals such as quartz, kyanite, and dumortierite.

According to the NYC Parks website, continental collisions pushed a layer of sedimentary rocks called shale nine miles into the molten core of the earth millions of years ago.

Mayor Eric Adams Believes NYC Is Filled With 'Special Energy' Because Of Mysterious Stones Under The City 2
Often photographed with a crystal bracelet on his right wrist, Eric Adams is one of the most high-profile crystal enthusiast in politics
Mayor Eric Adams Believes NYC Is Filled With 'Special Energy' Because Of Mysterious Stones Under The City 3
A profile focusing on Adams’ fashion honed in on the mayor’s ‘energy stone bracelet’ made up of stones from Asia and Africa given to him by a supporters
Mayor Eric Adams Believes NYC Is Filled With 'Special Energy' Because Of Mysterious Stones Under The City 4

The shale was changed into a conglomerate of minerals, including quartz, feldspar, hornblende, and mica, by intense heat and pressure, which transformed the minerals into schist, which is distinguished by its gleaming appearance.

Manhattan schist outcroppings can be found all across the city, including Central Park, Grand Central Terminal’s basement, and J. Hood Wright Park in Washington Heights.

According to NYC Parks, the formation lies 18 feet below the surface in Times Square and 260 feet below the surface in Greenwich Village.

Dumortierite, the stone of “tolerance and tranquility,” was discovered underground in New York City, according to New York-based crystal expert Andrew Pacholyk.

Certain rocks, such as violet quartz, are believed by crystal healers to relieve stress and strain, soothe irritability, balance mood swings, and dissipate anger, rage, fear, and anxiety.

The metaphysical sector has exploded in recent years, prompting more individuals to believe in the healing properties, powers, and spiritual significance of certain crystals.

The scientific community, on the other hand, is adamant that crystals have no influence upon the human body.

The mayor has not been discouraged by this.

The mayor’s ‘energy stone bracelet,’ made up of stones from Asia and Africa and gifted to him by one of his supporters, was featured in a November New York Times piece focusing on his fashion.

Adams’ spiritual side was also revealed in a March Politico profile. He meditates, drinks daily smoothies, and is a fan of Joe Dispenza, a neuroscientist and author of the bestselling book Becoming Supernatural, which preaches that people can change their physical and emotional states using quantum physics principles.

“If you were to take your attention off your life or get beyond the memory of your life your life should turn into possibility,” the author writes in his book.

The mayor’s passion for quartz crystals, according to Nancy Soto, an employee at Namaste crystal shop in Union Square, is ‘forward thinking.’

Mayor Eric Adams Believes NYC Is Filled With 'Special Energy' Because Of Mysterious Stones Under The City 5
Crystal healers believe certain rocks can relieve an individual from stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety
Mayor Eric Adams Believes NYC Is Filled With 'Special Energy' Because Of Mysterious Stones Under The City 6
In recent years the metaphysical industry has boomed- leading more people to believe in the healing properties, powers, and spiritual meaning behind certain crystals.

“Quartz is a high-energy crystal,” Soto said of the mineral, which is popular among TikTok users. “I t’s a high vibrational crystal that clears all things- including negativity.”

As he deals with escalating crime in New York City, Adams may need crystals to channel patience.

Many New Yorkers have grown weary of the recent surge in violence and crimes on the city’s streets and subways, and Adams has been chastised for being soft on crime.

While homicides and shootings are down 10% and 5%, respectively, from 2021, overall crime in New York is up 39.24 percent thus far in 2022.

A 19 percent increase in felony assaults, a roughly 15 percent increase in rapes, and a 40 percent increase in robberies are among the statistics.

Adams launched a detailed plan to address the rise in crime in January. It includes increased foot patrols as well as the reintroduction of Neighborhood Safety Teams, a plainclothes team.

In April, he announced his subway safety initiative, which will send 1,000 officers into the city’s crowded metro system to combat crime and vagrancy.

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