Thousands of years after they were built there is still no satisfying explanations for the construction works we are going to look at here. Their age, construction method, and purpose are just three of the things that have caused heated debate over the years, but there are many more. For instance, we still don’t know who built these huge pyramids, carved enormously long underground passages, or erected their enormous temples. The precision fitted blocks also causes us to reassess what we know about the Egyptians.

00:00:13 How Old Is the Great Sphinx
00:13:15 What Lies Below the Giza Plateau
00:26:30 The Secret Language of the Egyptians
00:39:40 Demi Gods of Ancient Egypt
00:52:35 Demi Gods of Ancient Egypt Part 2
01:06:50 Demi Gods of Ancient Egypt Part 3


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