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By simply watching this video right here, you will let go of 10 times the resistance and therefore attract 10 times more or quicker that what you want, I promise you. So just bear with me in this video because what I’m about to share with you and explain to you, will completely change the way you look at manifestation and will help you remove the blocks that are keeping you stuck, keeping you where you are and slowing down the process of manifestation altogether.

Now, first off, how we think, feel, and act, makes up what we call our vibration. So our vibration is a combination of how we think, how we feel, and how we act. Now, what we must focus on and realize with the process of manifesting, is that when we are manifesting what we want our dream reality, we get an equal reflection of who we are being.

And who we are being is our vibration and how we think, feel, and act, is what makes that up. Now, what happens a lot of times is people feel blocks, they have blocks and they are either attached to outcome, they’re trying to control things, or they are waiting for things to happen.

And when we are waiting, when we are trying to control things, when we are in this energy, we are saying that this moment right here is not good enough. And there is resistance in either how we’re thinking, feeling or acting. So the key to the transformation, the key to releasing all of this resistance is letting go and identifying, is it how we’re thinking, feeling, or acting, that is being blocked?

So what you wanna do here is you wanna look at these three categories, thinking, feeling, and acting. And begin to notice, where is the block coming from? Is it coming from how you’re thinking? Is there a thinking block? Do you believe that you’re procrastinating? Which means that you’re also not taking action.

And what happens is that keeps you in the stuck energy. Are you in a way maybe not taking action at all? And that might actually be keeping you stuck. So ’cause you’re acting differently than the version of you where you have the reality or in the reality that you want. Now, the key to this is identifying where the block is and making a choice to let it go.

So for myself, when I look at this and how this has completely transformed my life, just idea of just understanding that all this is is a journey of letting go. It’s been about realizing that my energy and my reality is that of equal to who I am currently being.

So first off, it’s the awareness of where you are. So the job that I used to have where I sold women’s shoes, I thought, felt and acted equal to that identity, that vibration. And my reality was a direct reflection of that. And the reason it was hard for me to become a YouTuber, was because literally how I was thinking, feeling and acting, I identified as this version of me, I was attached to this part of myself, I was attached to how that version of me thought because it felt comfortable.

I felt like I wasn’t good enough, I couldn’t become a YouTuber so that kept me stuck, and my actions were going to a 9:00 to 5:00 job. So eventually what I had to do to make the shift which changed everything, is I simply decided that this is who I am now, I am this version of me, I am a full-time YouTuber.

That was my identity, and then I made daily videos because that was acting equal to that reality, I thought and felt that that was who I prefer to be. And I gave myself the permission to instantly shift to that. And then my reality began to change.

So, the thing that will change your life more than anything and help you to manifest what you want 10 times quicker than what you’re currently doing, is actually get out of the thinking, get out of the feeling and get out of the acting, everything that I’ve just shared with you and focus on being present to the moment and enjoying where you are by also being that new identity.

You do not need the external reality to shift before you shift. At any moment, you can give yourself permission to be a new version of yourself. And that’s exactly what I did, and now I’m doing this as well to not just be a full-time YouTuber, but doing my first ever live event in Austin, Texas, May 6th, 7th, and 8th, I’m super excited about it.

And for a long time, the old version of me which was the YouTuber, was not just scared but it was just so comfortable for me, just make videos and just write emails and do all the internet stuff.

But I’m realizing now, that if I, and it’s funny, as soon as I decided that I was doing live event, everything changed, like so much stuff changed in my life. Like I’m in a new house now, I’ve got like this beautiful view as I look out, I don’t know if you guys can see that if it’s gonna, is it gonna adjust?


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