A Huddersfield pub landlord is facing the prospect of being fined thousands of pounds after Kirklees Council decided to prosecute him for a second time over an alleged Covid offence.

Ian Snowball who with his son Adam runs Showtime on Zetland Street, Huddersfield town centre, were convicted earlier this year of allowing drinking to take place past the permitted 10pm watershed on November 4, 2020, just before the new lockdown came in. They were ordered to pay thousands of pounds but are appealing that decision.

And now they have been summoned to Kirklees Magistrates’ Court on Friday to answer a single charge that on June 25 last year they “failed to take all reasonable steps to ensure that the customer remained seated while consuming food or drink on the premises.”

Ian said: “The Covid legislation the Snowballs are prosecuted under was set up with the express intention of preventing the spread of the pandemic and was not intended to be punitive. Despite that, Kirklees are not only fining our company Hellfire Entertainment, they are also fining Adam and Ian in person, £2,000 apiece, and £6,000 in total.

Read more: Labour-run lunatic council takes Huddersfield pub landlord to court after ‘man threw ping pong ball into cup of beer’. Shit – a hanging offence, surely. Power has always been sought by psychopaths and morons and there are clearly plenty of at least the latter at Kirklees Council


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