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When the future disappears, we are brought home to the vibrant aliveness Here and Now, the only reality there ever actually is. Whether it is the personal death that awaits each of us, the looming threat of climate extinction, the inevitable planetary death in which the earth itself will be no more, or even the end of the entire known universe, death is the single reality that most clearly informs us that the future is a fantasy and that all the things we have been so concerned about are like fleeting bubbles in a stream. When we believe that a single, fragile, impermanent bubble is all we are, we live in fear of death. And yet, paradoxically, we long to pop the bubble of apparent encapsulation and dissolve into the vast, unlimited wholeness that we intuitively know we are.

Instead of denying aging, avoiding death, or fantasizing about some after-life for “me” (the bubble), Joan points to fully embracing the total disintegration and loss of control that growing old and dying—and living and loving and being awake—actually entails.

Joan Tollifson is a writer and lifelong explorer of what is. Her background includes Buddhism, Advaita, nontraditional meditative inquiry, radical nonduality, martial arts, somatic work, addiction recovery, political activism, visual arts, and a devotion to both boundless presence and the beauty of the ordinary. Joan has held public and private meetings as well as occasional workshops and retreats since 1996.

Science and Nonduality is a community inspired by timeless wisdom, informed by cutting-edge science, and grounded in direct experience. We come together in an open-hearted exploration while celebrating our humanity.


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