At a press conference yesterday, over 400 doctors and scientists from more than 34 countries declared an international medical crisis due to diseases and deaths associated with Covid injections.  The Declaration originated among concerned medics and professionals in India from a group called the Universal Health Organisation (“UHO”).

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The Trap

The 2016 documentary ‘The Big Secret’ explores the truth behind some of the most widely-accepted medical practices and sought to expose how the focus on corporate profits influenced traditional medical treatment in the United States. 

Dr. Joseph Mercola noted in an article published on Friday that, along with many other alternative healthcare documentaries, it has been removed from Amazon Prime. “The tech giants are going all-in with pharma drug cartels,” he wrote.

Fortunately, it is available on other platforms and we have included a link below where you can still watch it.

Released in 2016, ‘The Big Secret’ was the work of five-time Emmy Award-winning producer Alex Voss and multi-award-winning filmmaker, and integrative physician and President of Silicon Valley Health Institute, Susan Downs. What started as a personal journey to regain his health, Voss came face to face with the sad reality concerning the influence that big money has on our health and well-being.

Voss and Downs look at the history of medicine in the US and the influence that wealth and power have on the decisions that your doctor makes concerning your medical care. This shocking documentary is the result of research and personal interviews with leading experts in the fields of medicine and nutrition. “Our goal is to empower people with knowledge and start a conversation that will ultimately lead to life-saving changes to our personal health, and reform in our healthcare system.” The Big Secret is only the beginning.

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