I was walking my beagle Spencer, when I saw this  large glowing globe of light up in the air. I said ‘What the hell is that? Oh, airplane.” But as I got to the corner of the block ready to cross the street to the next block, I said again. “What the hell is that Spence?” This time pointing that the object. The second I pointed at it, the object stopped dead in its tracks right in the center of the street 50+ feet above it. It made no sound whatsoever. There was no airplane sound, no helicopter sound. It was not a blimp because it was round and not oval shaped. And it was too close to the ground for it to be a blimp and not hit the telephone wires. Plus a blimp would still make a sound while hovering. Plus I would see the words Goodyear or or Fuji on it. It was absolutely silent. It was not a Japanese lantern because the breeze would still make it move, or would certainly be rising skyward. Plus it was much, much larger.

My brother comes along from shopping and I ask him to run back home a half block and fetch my binoculars. He told me he didn’t know where they were, (he did, he was just being lazy) and told me to get them myself. I didn’t want to lose sight of the object,  but I handed him the dog leash and ran back as fast as I could. I got them and came back. 30 seconds tops. 40 on the outside. I asked my brother Andrew where it went and he replied. “It drifted off to the west.” Now I wasn’t gone that long, and the object was certainly big enough and bright enough, that I would have seen something of it. A bright globe a little farther away  and smaller but still visible. I saw no trace of it. I looked all over the sky. What got to me was, that the second I pointed at it, it stopped moving and it hovered there, the longer I looked at it the more it seemed as if something or someone was looking back at me. I sensed that the object had a definite intelligence. NOTE: The above image is real but from another case file.

This case is under investigation by Frank Schlesinger of MUFON New Jersey.





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