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Why is it that the more someone tries to be magnetic, the less attractive their energy is? And why is it that the less they care, the less attached to outcome they are? They then are so much more desirable, and people chase that kind of energy.

What is the difference here? Now, for understanding your own attractive energy, your own magnetic energy, it’s very important to start becoming aware of the energy that you’re putting out.

Because the energy we put out is felt by other people. People feel what you feel about you. This is why a lot of times, when it comes to confidence, if you would just own the insecurities, then what would happen, is if you own the insecurities, say it has something to do with, like something on your face, size of your nose.

Like, something like that. If you feel self-conscious about it and you give it the meaning that says that there’s something wrong with me, or you just simply don’t feel attractive because you haven’t accepted that part of yourself, you then go out into the world and you’re projecting out an energy that says I’m not comfortable.

Oh, look at, are you looking at my mole? I remember one time my mom said that she had cyst, which is like this thing that comes on the face sometimes. And she went out into public and she thought, like everyone was looking at her, and then like, someone at Blockbuster or something like this, this was a long time ago, was like, she was telling this funny story about how this person was saying, “I insist you look at this one,” or something like that.

Like, using the word insist, just to like, poke fun at it. The interesting thing is though, is when we’re self-conscious about it, we’ll notice everything in reality that’s reflecting that back to us. And people will feel our energy, and then respond to us in that way. So, one of the biggest things you could do for your own confidence is to simply own and feature whatever you think is your flaw.

If you think it’s a flaw that you’re a certain height? Maybe you think you’re too tall? Or you think you’re too short? If you would just own it, other people wouldn’t care. And not only that, they would see it like, you know, they would see it as almost a benefit or something. It depends on the energy you are embodying to how people are responding to you. So this is something to be very aware of, because magnetic energy follows the energy that is not attached.

Because when we’re attached to what other people think, when we’re attached to how other people feel, then our energy is in a way, needy and manipulative.
It’s an interesting thing about people pleasers and nice guys, is they need other people, and want other people to validate them, and they want their approval, and they don’t want them to feel tension. So they will, like, sacrifice their level of self, they’ll sacrifice their own frame to make other people happy.

But then they feel like they don’t know who the hell they are. They’re tuning their own energy
to ping to everybody else. And guess what? It’s not attractive. It’s not magnetic. What is attractive and magnetic, is when you are bringing the energy into your hands and into your body and being present, and not attached. When you’re attached, you’re projecting your energy outside of you.

And that changes the energy of the dynamic. I went to a life transformation place in Costa Rica. And there was an energy person there that did like a Ted Talk. And she was explaining this. And she said, “I want everyone in the crowd right now to project your energy at me.” And she’s sitting in the front of the crowd.

And she says, “When you guys do this, it backs me up. Like, I feel projected, it like repels me.” She goes, “Now, bring your energy back, bring it into your bodies, bring it into your hands, bring it into your feet.” And as we did that, guess what happened?

She’s like, “I feel pulled towards you guys. Like, I feel like magnetized to you guys, because there’s an energetic dynamic that goes when you’re present inside your own body.” And don’t just take my word for it. Go out into wherever you eat, your restaurants, your like, coffee shops, whatever.

And try this, put the awareness into your body, into your own frame, into your hands, into your heart, into your feet. And feel the separation between you and others. Don’t just focus on the connection. It’s common in the spirituality niche.

She’s like, “I’m gonna feel connected to everybody, this is great, but sometimes there’s almost too much of that connection, because then you feel so connected that you don’t know where somebody, where you end and someone else begins, because their happiness becomes your happiness, people pleaser.


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