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So do you feel like you are putting more out to them than they are giving back to you? Or, if you’re waiting for their text, you’re waiting for them to call you, and they’re not, then this video will completely reverse the energy polarity and dynamic that is happening.

And I’m gonna share with you exactly what to do. Now, the first thing I wanna share with this is that, when it comes to wanting someone else to text you or someone else to call you, what is happening is, there is a desire for something on the outside to come and to be part of the experience.

So it’s an externalization of power. Now, look at just this simple also photo right here, this little diagram. When we think of somebody else or we are sending energy to someone else, what we end up doing is sending them energy, and that is actually depleting our own field, especially because we want something from them.

And think about it. When people can feel that you want something from them, they tend not to give it, energetically. They tend to almost be stingy with their energy because of the expectation that is there.

I know that when I used to, even as an example, sell woman shoes, if I was helping customers and I was thinking, and I wanted them to buy, and I wanted them to respond in a certain way, the more I wanted it, it was like the more they could feel it, and the more they resisted buying.

It was very interesting. But the more I was unattached and the more I didn’t care, the more they would buy. Now, one of the reasons being is because when we want something, we are putting out resistance, and then, in a way, we are thinking of someone specific, and it’s in a way like a location address that we are energetically sending that energy to.

So if we are thinking of this person that you want them to text you back or you want them to call you, and you are sending them energy, sending them energy that says I want this or I want that, and it’s in a way needy energy, because there’s a feeling of lack, they’re energetically feeling it, and it’s like, they’re repelled.

They don’t want to give you. Maybe they actually wanna give you what you actually want, but, because there’s this energy of resistance and this energy of really projecting that energy, they energetically feel it, and then they naturally don’t want to give it.

Now, I’ve shared this example before, but there’s a technique or a example that will kind of illustrate why this is and how this energy works. Now, I’ve done this before at the shift experience, and also I talked about how I did this before at a life transformation place in Costa Rica.

But there was a energy person, they gave a TED talk, that was talking about energetics and the energy within our body. And she said, as an example, “Everyone in the crowd send me energy.

Send me energy. Project your energy at me.” And she said that, as everyone in the crowd did, it was like 40 people, she would feel repelled. It would like make her back up she said. She said she could feel it.

It was like pushing her away, as they were setting her energy. She said, “Okay, now I want you to do something else. I want you to bring the energy back to yourself, bring the energy into your body, bring it into your body and your hands and your feet. Feel the energy.”

And as they did that, as we all did that in the crowd, she said she could feel herself being pulled into the crowd. It’s almost got a magnetizing effect to it.

So I’ve tested this, I’ve done this, and this honestly is pretty much the frame technique that I’ve shared in a lot of my YouTube videos, which is a simple technique of bringing the energy into your body, into your hands, into your feet, going out to public, feeling the separation between you and other people, and you’ll notice that other people respond in a very different way.

Where, if you go out and you want them to say hi to you, you’re worried about what they’ll gonna think of you, you want something, like it’s even the validation or approval, it’s a very different energy.

And I remember when I first started doing this, I was living in Sedona at the time, I’d go on hikes, I’d go to whole foods and stuff, I know it sounds random, but I would do that, and it was like, I wouldn’t need anything from anyone else. And I was just such a different response from people because I was more embodied, I was more grounded.

Now, energetically, when we’re talking about someone that you want them to call you or to text you back and you want them to do that, the energetic component of this is being aware of where the child trauma might be, that is actually wanting their call or approval to begin with.


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