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The energy of obsession is a very repellent energy. It literally is repelling love, it is repelling connection, and it is repelling that which you want. So in this video, I’m gonna show you how to stop obsessing, how to stop sending someone energy that they can feel that then repels them and has them walk away and leaning back, and I’m gonna show you how to heal this from the inside out so that you can be in your own frame, you can feel 100% worthy, whole, and complete and not need or necessarily want their approval.

You’re able to actually connect with them at a deep level that is authentic and attractive. So the first thing we need to learn about this and we need to understand is what is obsession and why is that obsessive energy there? Now, first off, let me say that anything we really, really want, anything we really, really think about, we are really, really sending energy. And the energy of obsession is that of worry.

Worry. The energy of worry is this anxiety, it is this negative, it’s almost like, imagine like the way reality works is you get more of what you focus on. And by focusing on obsession or having an obsession with someone else, there’s this underlying current of worry of what if things don’t go right? What if things go wrong? And what is happening is that energy, ’cause remember, especially in relationships, people are attracted to other people based on energy. And if we are harboring the energy of worry, of wondering if they’re gonna call us back, of wondering what they’re doing, of sending them that energy, they are feeling that and it is literally projecting them to then do something else, go away, and not actually connect in an authentic level.

And one of the main things about this is that obsessive energy and that energy of worry is in a way somewhat manipulative. Because think about it, what I’m saying is I want your energy. I want you to be this way with me. And it’s like people feel that and they go, ooh. It’s almost like the cup’s not already full. Now, I had to shed this pattern. Even back in high school, I remember this one time, I’ll share this story I don’t think I’ve ever shared before, but many of you know the story of seven to 15 years old, I wasn’t allowed to, if you’ve been watching my videos, but I had the ex-stepmom in my life where my brother and I had no freedom.

We weren’t allowed to have friends, we weren’t allowed to watch TV. We were normally just doing yard work and stuff like that. At 15 years old, my dad divorced her, and finally, and when he divorced her, my brother and I had all this freedom.

We were allowed to have friends, we were allowed to go to school activities, we were allowed to connect with people. So I didn’t really start connecting with people ’til I was about 15, 16 years old at all. Like, literally if someone wanted to hang out at school, I had to make up an excuse because I knew I wasn’t allowed to.

So I had my first girlfriend around 18 years old, 17 or 18 years old, and as I was starting to date, because I was allowed to, I was very socially awkward because I didn’t know how to really connect with people because I never was allowed to growing up.

And when I was in this energy, there was this one girl that I was dating, or not even dating,
just, we were flirting, and I was first off learning like what that was like. And I was like, oh, I
just like her, you know? And what happened is we got each other’s phone number. Nothing really happened, it was just mildly flirting.

Got each other’s phone number. I then went on this camping trip with that of my brother and someone else that was like a family friend. I go on this camping trip and I just wanted to call her. So what I did is I called her, but she didn’t pick up. Well, I assumed that because I’m on this camping trip it must be that I don’t have reception, so I called her again. I called her again, and I called her again.

And I literally called her probably 20 times within an hour. But I just thought maybe that the connection wasn’t going through. But I remember I then created this whole story in my head, this whole narrative in my head, and after that, I remember going to school three, four days later after the weekend, and it was like we weren’t even, there was like, it was weird, obviously.

Because it wasn’t that my phone was not getting reception. It was that literally I was calling her 15 times and it’s fricking weird. And I look back at that and I can clearly see that obsessive energy, that energy of worry, not only is it repelling because you’re sending energy, but it’s just pretty creepy, you know, from a certain perspective.

And that’s because I was wanting something from her. She could feel that, I was wanting her approval, I was wanting her validation.


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