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As I record this video, it is 11:11, and what does that mean? It means that if you’re seeing this video, then you are meant to be here. You can take it as a good sign that you probably are and consider yourself the lone wolf in your family, and I’m gonna show you in this video how you can finally meet your soul tribe, how you can release the beliefs and the energy that is literally blocking them from coming into your life so that you can finally feel the connection, the love, and the support in your life that you’ve been searching for for such a long period of time.

Now, also realize with this that this is a natural progress and process that you go through when you go through a spiritual awakening process. So sometimes when you’re the lone wolf, you might think there’s something wrong. You might think my friends aren’t getting me.

My family doesn’t understand me, and I feel very alone, but this is one of the stages of initiation on you becoming more aware of yourself, you kinda in a way dealing with your own stuff as well so that then, as you go inwards, you then realize how much you appreciate the connection that you have with other people.

Now, I say this because I’ve been through the same exact thing, and for years, I felt like the lone wolf. Back in 2012, I went through my spiritual awakening. I went from somebody that was super out there, partying a lot. I smoked a lotta cannabis. I was working my nine to five job and then just hanging out with friends, and eventually, I learned meditation. I started going inwards more, and within two or three weeks, my whole entire life transformed,and it got to the point to where, when I went to work, people were literally, “What is wrong?

What happened, Aaron? You’re such a different person now,” and at first, I thought there
was something wrong with me, but then I was realizing no, my energy’s changing. I went from very frenetic and my energy all over the place to being more grounded. I got off Adderall within weeks, which is the prescription drug I got for ADHD. I started meditating.
I started doing mantras. I became very fascinated with the law of attraction, manifestation, spirituality, and I started, there’s a whole new realm of reality that was open to me that I never knew possible, and it was so exciting.

Even to this day, there’s these songs I used to listen to back in the day like Enigma. You guys ever heard of Enigma? I listened to the albums of that when I was going through my awakening. When I listened to it now, it brings me back to that period in time, and when I went through that, though, I remember I was so excited to learn everything I was learning
about the law of attraction.

Even I was into conspiracy theories and different things ’cause you kinda realize that reality’s a little bit different than the way you’ve always believed, and it’s exciting, and it’s expansive, and at the same time, I at that moment went vegan, and I lost a whole bunch of weight, and people thought I was on drugs, and of course, I was on nothing.

I was just meditating, but because I looked that way, that was people’s perception, and I would be excited to explain my friends, my family all this stuff, but all it did was ostracize me even more because then, my dad was, “What happened to my son?” Literally, that was a very emotional actual moment when that happened because he literally thought I went crazy, and then friends were, “What happened with Aaron?”

My dad’s calling my friends, and my friends were, “Well, we don’t know what’s happening to him either,” and then I just felt even more alone, and then as I would go out into the world and stuff to connect with people, it was hard for me to connect with people, and I would just conclude that okay, I’m okay. I don’t need anybody else.

I just need to be with myself, and for years, literally a couple years, that was my reality. I found it hard to connect with people. I didn’t even really want to connect with people because I had this belief that they’re not gonna understand me. In my friend group and in my family group, like, my family, I just felt kind of alone and like something changed, and I felt like the weird one, and that was something that I stayed with for years, but there was something that changed everything, and that’s what I wanna share with you in this video, is how you can do what I did to change it all because I’ll share with you my story, but my life is completely different now.


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