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With this video, I’m gonna save you nearly $250,000 worth of seminars, workshops, masterminds, coaching. Everything that I have learned over the past five years, I’m gonna share with you in three powerful lessons. And this video’s gonna save you time, It’s gonna save you energy, and it’s gonna exponentialize the process of you creating your dream life
from the inside, out.

The first lesson I wanna share with you actually comes from this book right here. It’s called The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. And basically, what this book is about is about the process of letting go, not caring what other people think.

And it’s the process of not caring about things that really don’t matter and caring more about things that actually matter. So a lot of times, we care what other people think of us. We care and we try to change our lives and we do all of these things. And because we’re putting so much energy in that, we end up feeling empty and we end up actually resisting the process.

So one of the most powerful things I’ve also learned from this book that I’ve used in so many areas of my life, is he talks about, Mark Manson, in the book, talks about something that he learned from Alan Watts, who was a famous philosopher.

And that is something called the backwards law. The backwards law has this understanding that if we feel and allow ourselves to feel a negative emotion, that is a positive experience. But if we resist or we make it not okay that we are feeling negative emotions, then that is a negative experience.

And there’s a couple different sayings Alan Watts said that really kinda summarizes. Think about this. The more we try to get people to like us, the more we will come off needy and the more our energy won’t be attractive and the more it will actually resist people liking us.
But when we’re just being ourselves, not attached to it, people tend to like us. The more we try to control anything, the more out of control we will feel. Think about that. The more we try to control things, the more outta control we feel.

However, the more we let go of trying to control, the more in control we actually feel. It’s an interesting paradox here. Now, here’s another one, and the reason I’m sharing this one with you is because many people that are on the personal development journey, they’re trying to become the best selves, they’re trying to become better, and what that ends up emphasizing is that we’re not good enough the way we are.

So this was something I had to learn and it took me a while because I was always so focused on either making more money, becoming more abundant. And I was always more and more, more, it was changing the way I was.

And by trying to change, I was emphasizing that who I am right now is not good enough.
So one of the most important lessons you can learn and instead of, is to develop a healthier relationship with self-development in general. Because self-development implies that we’re not good enough. Self-development implies that there’s something wrong, and that energy keeps us stuck.

A lot of times, the reasons we feel stuck is because simply, we are just attached to a story or a belief about ourselves that does not feel good. And not only does it not feel good, but we’re attached to beliefs and stories that maybe served us when we were kids or back in the day, but end up keeping us trapped now.

So letting go and allowing ourselves to feel what we are feeling, has been a game changer
in the self-development journey. I say that because it’s like, self-development, we’re becoming something we’re not. And this is more of a process of really releasing what doesn’t serve us and then allowing ourselves to then just naturally be who we came here to be.

Now, when I look at my life as well, something I wanna share with this, is this was absolute game-changer in me transforming my own life on the self-development journey, is that of, when I started making daily videos on YouTube, it changed my identity and I changed who I was being.

Who I was being. So the way reality works, and this is the second lesson I wanna share with you, and let me start this off as well by saying that I have been to different forums, different group work workshops, like even five, six years ago.

I’m in a one mastermind alone, where every year, it is $36,000 for me to be a part of this mastermind. It’s more of a business mastermind, but nonetheless, I’m a part of it. So I’ve been a around people that are also like, to be in that mastermind, there’s hundred people in that mastermind.

I’ve seen the mentality, I’ve seen the mindset, I’ve seen what helps people get results. I surround myself with people like this. My inner circle is full of people that are doing really, like having a cool impact in the world.


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