Seeing a giant triangular object just above my head. That the United States invaded Iraq, and after the fall of Iraq, when Saddam had been hiding in a mouse hole for some time, I saw that triangle. Just after Ramadan, two nights later, at about 8:00 pm, I stood in the middle of the yard and looked at the sky. I said how they saw the moon two nights ago when it is still impossible to see the moon. The sky was completely dark and foggy and no light could be seen. After a few minutes, I noticed the movement of an object moving in the dark sky. The more I noticed, the triangular shape was very, very giant. From my guess, each side of the triangle was more than 100 meters, but the back side looked a little smaller. Its height seemed very low, for example about 150 to 300 meters above the ground. Its speed was about 30 kilometers per hour, or the speed of a bicycle. It was completely silent and completely black and the same color as the sky. Maybe he had made that object in the sky for more camouflage. His height did not go up or down at all. His speed was exactly the same speed and in no way increased or decreased. Its direction was on a perfectly straight line, exactly from south to north, and it could not be left or right at all. I wanted to take a photo with my Sony Ericsson mobile phone, but that phone was useless and nothing could be seen inside the photo.

I called my brothers, but no one heard Saddam because it was almost cold and the windows were closed and they were watching satellite programs almost loudly. It took about 10 minutes for the object to reach me from south to north and move just above my head. If I turned my head and looked at it again, I could hardly find it, and from its speed and direction, I could tell where the sky is now, and I would look at it and find it again. In my opinion, that triangular object can be a UFO nest so that it can hold dozens of UFOs. (Like warships with dozens of planes on them) and I can say that I have seen the mother ship of the UFOs. Now the question is: That giant object due to its very low speed but much larger than the football field and its not going up and down and that it was completely soundless and without light; There were no satellites, planes, spy planes, helicopters or balloons. We all know that it did not look like man-made technology. And I don’t think it could be detected by human radar. That is, completely hidden from the radar. And what happened that night? So far I have not written these two events so accurately anywhere. And I’m going to send a copy of this post to Mufon in the United States. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









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