DECEMBER 30, 2022 …………………..ARAMBOL INDIA

I was walking on the beach right next to the water well after sunset a big UFO right over me on Arambol beach (Goa). It was pitch dark after 8pm but you couldn’t see stars, a bit cloudy I guess. When one of the light/laser beams of a bar/club further down on the beach moved across the night sky, it suddenly illuminated a massive flying cigar-shaped saucer at maybe 100m altitude overhead, very close to me. When the laser moved on, everything was pitch black again and you could see absolutely nothing, pitch dark! Then the laser, which was moving across the sky, crossed the UFO again and the craft was as clear as an illuminated Christmas tree in the night. The craft was massive, probably big enough to hold 80 people, and underneath were perhaps many brightly coloured reflectors. The reflectors underneath the craft were organized in 3 or 4 colums of about 15 rows each.

Each column had the color reflectors in a different order. When the bar’s laser light was not on it, you saw absolutely nothing, no lights, no contour, absolutely nothing. The ship crossed the laser beam 4 or 5 times as it was moving across the sky and every time, I saw it very clearly for about 5 seconds. At a certain point, someone walked by close to me and for an instant I was going to point out the craft to that person but instantly decided it was not worth it. It felt strange, it was as if I was given a very gentle recommendation to not do it, as in ‘don’t let the person know, it’s not unnecessary’. It felt somewhere between a drug-like feeling and a meditative state. I could not hear any sound made by the craft, but it is possible that craft made a very silent sound which I couldn’t hear because of the sound of the waves crashing and the music from bars nearby. If there was any sound, it must have been very quiet. The pictures below are NOT from my experience but are pictures I found on the internet right after the experience of the shape and type of reflectors. NOTE: The above image is CGI.

This case is under investigation by Investigator Santosh Dandin of MUFON India.


U-TUBE KEN PFEIFER https://youtu.be/2pP0vw-nlpY






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