I was standing outside, stargazing… It was the night of September 19, 2015, at 11:10 PM. I was outside in my yard, which was adjacent to an extremely large, vacant field that allowed for me to see the stars better at night due to the absence of ambient light. 45.7833° N, 108.5007° W, roughly. I was standing oriented N NE, looking at the stars directly above my head – I was really cleaning my neck in that moment, actually. When literally out of nowhere, there was suddenly an extremely large craft right above my head, in my direct line of sight. One minute I was looking at the gorgeous sky jeweled with stars, and in the next moment this thing seemed to have materialized right before my eyes, right above me in the sky. Suddenly the stars seemed to softly dissipate, and instead I was staring directly up at a very large craft. I could tell that it was something very big in size, as there was a hush that fell over the land; almost as though there was a large object in the region acting as a sound dampening agent, like acoustic tiles on a ceiling, soaking in the normal sounds of the night, if you may. Very surreal and absolutely silent. It was a triangle- huge, extremely dark, black as the night sky above me.

The entire triangle blocked out a portion of the night sky, yet only 2/3 of the craft was lit with under-lighting, from what I could see. There were about 10 to 12 circles that flanked two sides of the triangle, and each circle glowed a very gentle coppery gold, and seemed to be spinning, back and forth. They weren’t in rhythm with one another, and almost seemed to be fan-like, which is extremely hard to explain. I watched it in open-mouthed disbelief and entrancement for probably around 30 to 40 seconds. The point of the triangle that was flanked with two sides of circular under lights was oriented S- SW the entire time suddenly began to move very slowly to the south, and as I watched it move slightly away from me. I continued to follow it’s progression in the sky. It moved slowly for a few seconds, and then suddenly in a HUGE burst of speed and light took off to the S-SW. It made a brighter coppery/luminescent streak across the sky as it zipped out of view at break-neck speed. All without making a single sound. Needless to say it was a bit difficult for me to sleep that night, because that was the most amazing thing that I had ever seen. It felt so huge and almost alive in a way. Organic, or something.

Definitely something that I had never previously seen, but for some reason the entire event didn’t feel entirely unfamiliar either, for whatever reason. I wasn’t frightened, but intrigued. The entire next day, however, was so very strange. From the moment I woke up I absolutely did not feel alone, and at the time I lived by myself in a two bedroom two story duplex. It felt SO very odd in my apartment the day after, almost as though I had a silent audience- it was SO hard to explain. I wasn’t frightened at any point during any of this- more so amused. I began to comically joke with the air around me, and I remember beginning to say silly things like, “Nothing to see here, I literally just geek out to books and music, I’m not that interesting.” etc. The feeling stayed with me the entire day after. NOTE: The above image is CGI.









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