Letting go is EASY AF when you do this! Listen to the Ho’oponopono Meditation for 21 days here: ➡️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXKGOagdn6E&t

The Buddha said that all suffering comes from attachment and desire. These two things cause more suffering than anything else. And the challenge I’ve had in my own life is that there’s a lot of attachment that I’ve had to many different aspects of my life. Whether that’s caring what other people think about me.

Whether that’s an attachment to a past relationship or past friendships. Whether that’s attachment to beliefs about who I am. Maybe even a nine to five job at one point,
I felt very attached to, and it was very hard to let go of some of these things.

And I’ve learned some things about letting go that have completely transformed my life, that have made this process so much easier, that I’m excited to share with you in this video because letting go is actually extraordinarily simple when we let it be.

So what we’re really attached to when we think that letting go is hard, is we are attached to the meaning that we give to something. So for example, if we’re attached to a past person, what it is, maybe it’s a past relationship or even a friendship, it’s not even that person or what we think of as that, but what we’re really attached to is the meaning we give to that person and the meaning we have to maybe even losing that person.

The interesting thing though, is that it if that meaning were to change, it would be easier to let go. What I mean by this is, imagine you have a friend that it’s hard for you to let go of, maybe hanging out with them or whatever it is, but imagine they do something crazy, they light your house on fire or something.

And you then draw the line and you say, “Okay, you did this crazy thing,” so now, it’s much easier for you to let that go. At first, it’s probably hard, but it would eventually be easier because in your mind, you would give that person a different meaning. So the reason I’m sharing this with you is because the key to this transformation of letting go is letting go of old meaning.

Everything in life is meaningless, it has no built-in meaning other than the meaning we give it. And with letting go, what we’re really having trouble letting go of is the past meaning we’ve given to different people, to different things that has us feeling blocked, that has us feeling stuck, that has us feeling really attached.

So when it comes to letting go, realize letting go is extraordinarily easy, it’s just a matter of choice. But making that choice is normally what people beat themselves up about. Because they say, “Well I’ve been in this relationship for 10 years.” So I’m letting go of that, what else are you letting go of with that meaning maybe?

Maybe you’re letting go of a 10-year friendship and maybe what that means is, you’re letting go of an aspect of yourself that you felt identified with this person. When it comes to this, what you wanna become aware of is the reasons you may be holding onto whatever this attachment is.

There’s always reasons there. And the thing with reasons is that it’s normally past meaning we’ve given to things that has us keep staying attached to those things. Anything we do, it’s because there’s a payoff to doing it.

The payoff is some emotional charge we get. I know that one of the reasons it was hard for me to let go, for example, back in 2012 when I went through my awakening of the pain that I experienced in childhood from 7 to 16, 15-ish years old, was because there was a level of anger that I think I, that I know I felt towards my ex stepmom.

And by letting that go, it was invalidating my childhood. I felt like growing up, I didn’t really have much of a childhood because I wasn’t allowed to have friends or do normal kid stuff. So I felt like when I was like 18 to 20, that’s when I started having friends, that’s when I started going to parties, that’s when I started being able to even watch TV, for example.

Sometimes I think now, even now, the way I eat food, is I eat food very quickly and I love food. But I think one of those reasons is is because from 7 to 15 years old, I was deprived food. I was only given a TV dinner at night sometimes and a bowl of cereal in the morning, and one gallon of milk had to last my brother and I a whole week with one box of cereal.

So we actually had to measure it out and make it last, and now, because I don’t have that dynamic,I love food so much that I find myself overeating or eating very quickly.

But what I’ve had to learn to do is to change the meaning I give to different things in my life. Even food, for example. The meaning of food used to be, it’s like this thing that I emotionally love because I was deprived it as a kid, but now, I see food as fuel. Also, something I could just appreciate, I can enjoy it. ‘Cause I think there there may have also been some guilt around that.


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