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This video is gonna show you how to let go and finally move on. It was the heartbreak advice that I wish I knew earlier in my life that would make things so much easier, and that would also save me so much time, because it took me a lot of time and a lot of experience in order to learn this.

There’s a hard way to learn it, and it was somewhat of an easier way to learn it, and that’s because of awareness. Now, first off, there’s a quote that explains this beautifully.

It’s from Sufi Rumi and it says this, it says, quote, “You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens,” end quote. And this is such a powerful quote when I first read it, and it’s still a powerful quote now that I’ve read it.

But basically, the more we break our heart, not that we’re gonna go out and try to break our heart, but what happens is from heartbreak, you are able to open up your heart more and more, have more and more unconditional love.

And really let go of the boundaries and the blocks that we put around our heart, and we don’t even know it, because sometimes what we’re doing by avoiding the heartbreak and by avoiding feeling the emotions that come up is we’re not letting the transformation happen, we’re not letting ourselves feel the energy that comes up from the rejection, the abandonment that we may feel from an actual heartbreak.

So one thing we wanna become aware of this is this one piece of awareness right here I think will completely change the perspective of the whole thing if you really sit with it,
and that is that everything in life has no meaning other than the meaning we give it.

There is a story that we tell ourselves about our ex, there’s a story that we tell ourselves about ourself and our relationship that is on autopilot. And if the story is that the ex was the one shot at love, that the ex is the person that you were supposed to make it work with, then guess what?

That person’s on a pedestal. And what’s really on the pedestal is the story that you tell yourself about them. That’s really what it’s about. Now, sometimes what happens is people will, after a breakup, they may start focusing on themselves, they may start focusing on their own lives and like their friends.

And they might start focusing on other things in their life, and that helps them move on, because what they’ve done is they’ve taken the attention and the power away from it being all on the story about their ex and their one shot at love, they start putting it into another factor of their life, and then you know what they find?

They find that they create meaning there. So really, what happens when it comes to heartbreak advice and just in general letting someone go is, really, what you’re doing is you’re taking the meaning that you gave so much emphasis and meaning to in a relationship and you’re investing that back in yourself.

The fear that you will not meet somebody else that you have a deep meaning with, really, what that is, is you’re afraid that you’re never gonna be able to create meaning again. That’s really what it is. I will not be able to find deep meaning with anybody else because my shot was with this one person, which of course, from the outside, looking in, feels a little bit ridiculous.

You probably look at a friend and you’re like, “Oh, there’s so many people out there,” but in their mind, their story is so strong that it’s really hard for them to let that go. And really, what’s hard to let go is not the person, by the way, it’s the story about the person, it’s the meaning given to the person.

Because sometimes and many times what happens is we recreate similar childhood dynamics of things that happened when we’re a kid, we recreate that with our partners and the people that we’re dating, and if they reject us, it feels like we’re getting rejected like we did when we were a kid.

So if you had a parent that was emotionally or physically abandoning, there was these beliefs and thoughts that came up, these meanings that came and said, “Oh, there’s something wrong with me. I must not be worthy.”

And then what happens is you might be in a relationship now, and what happens is things fall through and there’s a fighting for your own sense of worthiness. There’s a fighting like, no, please don’t, it’s because we don’t want to recreate the same childhood dynamics that happened when we were kids.

So it’s about really being aware with, “Is it really about this person, or am I fighting for a
similar childhood dynamic that felt familiar?”

Because we familiarize energies from when we were kids that felt familiar, we normalize it within ourself. That’s what we think love is. And then we’re afraid of being abandoned or rejected, not knowing that that actually feels familiar.


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