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My opinions , theories and Ideas are simply my own opinions and you can come up with your own theories and ideas about this…which contributes to it all.

This is a video showing two Lunar waves or ripples going over the moon. (gravity waves?) we will be seeing live telescope footage of my capture…In theory gravity waves push space and time away from them as they travel at high speeds…coming from things like Black holes in movement or the creation of black holes by neutron stars colliding….or neutron stars entering black holes….There is much to learn about the Universe and how it all started..I will tickle the surface of this vast question. In my own words and through my own research. Understanding Light Curvature and the curvature of spacetime…e.t.c
In this theory. Can we see through a telescope or camera…the displacement of space and time?

If you want a moon base on your wall…had this started years ago…but never shared it out. For those curious.

In my opinion..and with the proof I am offering you to see. These are real structures…and the surface of the moon is either manipulated or being blocked by the natural sunlight and refraction.
Ufo’s on the moon. Real video. Thank you

Well known French Ufologist & Paranormal & Entity researcher in France, Christian Macé…his posts can be seen in English too…

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