Eyewitness states: Camping with my son observing many stars in cloudless sky. Observed planes and satellites throughout night with identification of blinking lights and obvious satellite identification.

Observed a very bright, silent, slow-moving light, starting from the northeast from a vantage point looking at ~45° angle from 5’5″ individual from coordinates 37°21’39.9″N 108°57’13.1″W facing to the northeast and traveling over a 2 minute or more period a 45°span to the southeast, at which point it appeared to “turn” or change course to directly east direction and “faded” (appeared to move quickly with no trail) absolutely silently out of sight.

In attached video you can see the relative brightness of the object as it passes by a bright star. Was standing ~5 back from a ~12 tall tree used as movement reference.


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