The tweet, posted from the entrepreneur’s verified Twitter account, sparked a huge backlash.

Many criticised the comment aimed at England’s Chief Medical Officer – who earlier this year was assaulted by anti-vaxxers as he walked through a park in London.

It was the fourth time a report had been made to police alleging harassment against Professor Whitty – who has been thrust into the limelight during the Covid pandemic.

Ian Fraser, one of those to criticise Ms Elnaugh’s tweet, wrote: ‘What the former ‘Dragon’ Rachel Elnaugh tweeted here is vile, disgraceful and seemingly inciting violence against a Government official’. He also urged Twitter to review the Tweet.

Another wrote: ‘Nothing to see here. Just Rachel Elnaugh – an investor from a BBC show most people know – Dragon’s Den – insinuating that children receiving the vaccine is child abuse.

‘These rotten views run deep and anyone can have them.’

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