Shepard AmbellasLast year was tough for host Shepard Ambellas and yours truly because we were both crushed by Big Tech.  Feather one Harry, we’re going in.

Well, you kind, freedom-loving people, we’re back because, as they say, you can’t keep a good man down.

This interview is fun because we take some hard-to-accept issues head-on, such as nature’s one rule for sentient species.  (No spoilers.)

If you’re feeling down about what “they” are doing to us, this interview offers a more constructive view of what we need to do for hope and victory.  Have a happy 4th and enjoy the show!

Shepard Ambellas Show, July 1, 2022
S2E9: The state of the nation, and the world w/Marshall Masters

Shepard Ambellas, Bethany Adoni, and co-producer Aaron Cole are joined by Marshall Masters to talk about literally everything under the sun.


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