Me and my son was playing in the sea towards the end of July on a clear sunny day just near where we live. The tide was on its way in so the water was shallow so I pushed him out into deeper water so he could row the kayak while I hung off the back of it as it’s made for one person . We got out to around a quarter of a mile and I stood up for a break when I admired the clear blue skies above, I noticed what looked like a white plane ( as long as a 747 but straight with no wings or tail just a straight line like something out of the game pong. I pointed up to it to show my son and straight away he noticed it and he said ‘yes dad it looks like a plane in the sky being sarcastic as he is and as probably most people would have been at first glance but I said ‘look it’s just sitting there doing nothing . Then he got more interested and realized it was just sitting in the sky. We observed it, as I said, for over 2 or so minutes in amazement knowing full well it was not to be any sort of drone or balloon or zeppelin or micro lite or any form of aircraft we had ever seen. Iit was just something so strange it was weird to see for so long and not be able to say it was something normal . We kept pointing up to it then as it sat horizontally in the sky.

It moved across above but in front of us keeping its same horizontal side to us then carried on heading away from Seasalter shoreline and headed nw over towards Essex and Canvey island still keeping the horizontal angle we’d first spotted it at. Basically it never turned away just stayed long ways to us until it moved away across until it went out of sight. The weird thing was you couldn’t even see or work out how fast or slow it was moving. It wasn’t a straight forward path it was very odd and it just kept getting further away . That evening I searched across the internet for ‘sightings in Kent or Essex ‘ and to my amazement nothing was spotted or reported even though on a hot day like it was and as clear as it was the beaches and coastal areas would have been busy with people going about their business . ( I can only select sizes from the scroll what do not describe the object nor can I select brightness or reflective etc. This object, as I said, was long and thin like perfect long rectangle that was pure white in colour and not flashing, just a pale white object and like a plane with no wings. It’s hard to say an exact height but it was close enough to see it was a big object and far away enough to see it was big if that makes sense . NOTE: The above image is CGI.





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