Estonian defence forces’ former commander Riho Terras told Times Radio that NATO and European countries should “escalate” the war situation “to get the victory out of this war” and send offensive weapons to Ukraine.

Speaking to Stig Abell and Kate McCann, Riho Terras said: “It isn’t about NATO, but at least every single NATO country needs to understand that this war in Ukraine is not about Ukraine.

“This war is about Europe, and about the Western value community.

“And the Ukrainians are fighting actually our war and Putin has very clearly said that it is about fighting NATO, fighting Western countries.

“And Medvedev a couple of days ago said that Putin wants to create a space from Lisbon to Vladivostok.”

He added: “I would quote Churchill who said, ‘We don’t need peace, we need victory’, because otherwise this evil will stay around and come every now and then again, with new ideas.”

Listen to Riho Terras’ full interview on Times Radio.

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