Join investigative researchers Steve Mera and Robbie Graham as they delve into the subjects of Conjuring UFOs, Alien Abduction, Poltergeist Infestations, Magick, Ancient Mysteries, Alien Implants, UFO Metamaterial, The Paranormal, Strange Cryptids, Monatomic Gold, Space Mysteries, Time Travel, UAP, Advanced Studies of Aerial Phenomena – Project Doorway and much more in an all brand new series – The Big Picture, available now exclusively on Billy Carson’s 4BiddenKnowledgeTV – Follow this link to watch all 3 seasons now.

Season 1, Episode 1:
Steve and Robbie take an analytical approach to the subject of Alien Abduction and identifies how this phenomenon can alter the perception of the experiencers and also demonstrate an undertone of deception in an effort to carry out an agenda. Featuring special guest and eye witness Debra Jordan-Kauble.

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