Join investigative researchers Steve Mera and Robbie Graham as they delve into the subjects of Life After Death, Out of Body Experiences, Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Near Death Experiences, The Process of Death, Precognition, The Nature of Time, Psychodelic Experiences, Dreaming, Consciousness, Non-Human Entities and much more with special guest, researcher and author Anthony Peake – The Big Picture, available now exclusively on Billy Carson’s 4BiddenKnowledgeTV – Follow this link to watch all 3 seasons now.
Season 2 Episode 1 Preview: Steve and Robbie delve into the mysteries of life and death with researcher and author Anthony Peake who introduces the “Cheating the Ferryman” (CTF) concept as presented in the book ‘Is There Life After Death’. Anthony reviews the evidence for this concept and argues that “life AFTER death” may be contradicted by modern science. However, If we can realise that TIME is something that defines BEFORE and AFTER then subjective time perception may be where answers can be found. Steve and Robbie examine this fascinating concept that will ultimately face all of humanity.
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