Slavoj Žižek and Lowkey clash over the paradox of identity politics.

This excerpt is from Liberty and the Left featuring Ella Whelan, Slavoj Žižek and Lowkey. Watch the full debate at

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Slavoj Žižek is a globally renowned philosopher and cultural critic. He challenges many of the founding assumptions of today’s left-liberal academy, including the elevation of difference or otherness to ends in themselves, the reading of the Western Enlightenment as implicitly totalitarian, and the pervasive skepticism towards any context-transcendent notions of truth or the good. His latest book, Heaven in Disorder, was released in 2021.

Lowkey is a UK-based rapper and political activist, his loyal following as impressed by his lyrical stylings as his political insights. He combines his music with his activism, and took time out from his career in hip-hop to do a Masters in Near and Middle Eastern Studies at SOAS. He has written for the Guardian and been interviewed in numerous media outlets; his Oxford Union debate speech has been watched half a million times.

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