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So in this video, I’m gonna show you the three simple things you can do to have irresistible magnetic energy. This will change your vibration from the inside out. People will respond to you differently and you will literally feel differently about you.

Now, the first thing to understand with this process is that once again, as I said in many of my videos, people feel what you feel about you. So the energy of us and how we feel in our bodies is going and emanating out and other people are responding to it based in that way.

If we believe there is something wrong with us, if we believe we’re not good enough, if we believe we need something from anybody else whether that’s validation or wanting their approval, they will feel that off of us and that is a repellent energy.

So to understand what we can actually do, in order for us to become more quote-unquote, attractive, this is about understanding energy. And the first thing you can do that will change your energy in a very powerful way is healing that of the things that are causing us to seek approval from the outside or to seek validation from the outside or even the belief that somebody out there is going to cure or fix what’s going on so that I feel whole and complete.

And letting go of that belief and sharing something called vulnerability will completely transform your life. Now, the thing that we do a lot of times in relationships and even the thing that I did for a long time is I would, in a way, I would hide this belief and this feeling inside of myself whereas like I didn’t feel good enough, I felt like I was seeking approval and validation and I was in this energy, I believe, because there was a belief there that literally said I’m not good enough the way that I am.

So I would then seek it on the outside. But within what would happen is there were certain personality traits that would come in where I was a people pleaser, and what is called a nice guy. I had to shed that like two years ago, year and a half ago.

I had to let go of this this personality construct that was not vulnerable, nice guys And people pleasers are not vulnerable because they’re not showing the real them. To be vulnerable means that you’re literally expressing the real you even if it means you could be rejected.

We have these beliefs that if I share my true desires, if I share this real part of myself, I will get rejected somehow, I won’t be accepted. So what the nice guy does is the nice guy and the people pleaser, they are afraid of tension.

They’re afraid of other people feeling challenged. They are afraid of being polarizing. They’re afraid of not getting other people’s validation and approval. So a lot of times they will change themselves, they’ll be this inauthentic aspect of themselves which is then not attractive and it actually repels love.

It’s not real. People like realness. Like even me in this video, sharing with you that I used to have this people pleaser, nice guy personality construct that I had to shed, you probably feel at least a little bit more connected to my story, even if you never had that in your life, but just because it’s like, oh, he’s being real, he’s expressing these things that aren’t attractive to necessarily express, but in the courage to express them, it does something very magical.

And like the nice guy, for a long time I was afraid to express to somebody that I was even dating. I would be like afraid to express to them that I had some type of interest in them like either sexual interest or more than just friendship.

And what I eventually had to learn to do is I had to learn how to express that. And once I did that, it changed everything. So one thing you could realize is the more you are being vulnerable, the more you are having the courage to show the real you, and to also observe the belief that says like you’re not worthy, you have to be different, you have to lose your own frame, the more magnetic you’ll be when you let that go, that belief go.

So that’s the first thing you could do. Now, the second thing for this is something that I call
being in your own frame. So something you can do even right now as you watch this video, we’ll do it just for two seconds.

Put your energy in your hands and your feet. Feel the separation between you and the wall. You and the cam, I mean, for me, it’s the camera, but you and the computer.

As you feel separation, there’s this magnetic thing that happens and it’s hard for me to describe this because it’s only something you really experience once you do it.

And I call this the frame technique.


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