Mate! Oy kid you not. How tough is your old Uncle Colin? Tough enough to get out there like a man and cook chicken wings in the rain!

The “Usual Suspects” again bombarded your dear old Uncle Colin with most unpleasant miniature all-seen oys throughout a good bit of the process.

An upscale “Twitty Brit” as well as Julia Child and a few other remarkable characters get their chance in the limelight….

Dig deep and solve the mystery of whether or not your dear Uncle Colin could pull this one off!

Jolly good, carry on then!

Alternative Title for Those from the Deep South:

Colin Cooks in HAAAAAIL!!

[CRYPTO NO-NO: We love you. We also do not write you or text you in the comments telling you to text us.

This is a scam. They want your money and tell you they’re me, and to buy crypto.

Pull an Elon on ’em. Ask ’em for something identifying… or just don’t waste your time and money. Cheerio mate!]


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