The UK should introduce vaccine passports for domestic use or risk being forced into another lockdown, Tony Blair has warned.

In a new policy paper setting out recommendations to keep the pandemic at bay come winter, the former Prime Minister described a Covid pass as “the central policy required to avoid further lockdowns”.

“The use of a Covid Pass can serve two purposes – incentivising vaccination and reducing transmission,” says the report, published this weekend by Mr Blair’s think tank, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

“They are the only tool that allows us to show that those who have the virus and need to stay at home actually are at home, and that those who are free of the virus are able to move around freely.”

Mr Blair has long been an active proponent of vaccine passports, both for domestic use and to facilitate international travel. The report points to France, which has historically struggled with vaccine hesitancy, as a success story demonstrating their utility.

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