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‘Cow’s milk without cows’ start-up raises $13m in seed funding – Amazing how these ‘start-ups’, often based in Israel, attract enormous amounts of money to produce things straight off the Cult agenda (see meat without meat)

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“Cow’s milk without cows” will be in Israeli shops by 2023, after a start-up raised a record $13m (£9.7m) in seed funding from investors to help it make traditional dairy products from microorganisms.

The Tel Aviv-based Imagindairy, which announced its seed funding result on Wednesday, said the milk it produced would be identical to cow’s milk, but the cow, and her associated methane, would be replaced by fungi or other plant microorganisms programmed to produce milk proteins.

At its most basic, the programming process involves inserting DNA instructions for the production of whey and casein, the principal milk proteins, into the microorganisms. To turn the whey and casein proteins produced by the microorganisms into cow-free milk and dairy, Imagindairy will add plant-based fat, sugar and water.

Methane-free cow’s milk could significantly reduce the impact of climate change and deforestation, NGOs believe. Livestock rearing is responsible for about 32% of human-generated methane, mainly from the planet’s billion-plus cattle. Cutting methane emissions is thought to be the strongest lever available to slow climate heating over the next 25 years.

Read more: ‘Cow’s milk without cows’ start-up raises $13m in seed funding – Amazing how these ‘start-ups’, often based in Israel, attract enormous amounts of money to produce things straight off the Cult agenda (see meat without meat)


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