Corsair is here welcome to my new video .Perhaps it’s only natural that we’d be fascinated with Mars since it’s located so close to Earth, but is it really possible that there was ever life on the Red Planet? It’s beginning to look like the answer is an emphatic yes. According to reports , we’ve know for years that there was once water on Mars, but that alone isn’t enough to prove there was life. The existence of liquid water on Mars, alone, wouldn’t guarantee it was inhabited. In fact, for a long time it was believed that surface water on Mars would have been highly acidic and therefore incapable of supporting living creatures. But a 2013 discovery by NASA is what convinced many researchers that there was indeed life on Mars: A discovery by NASA’s Mars Rover Opportunity proved that at least some of the water that ran across the surface of Mars in ancient times carried a neutral pH , which means it was benign and could be consumed. This was an extremely significant finding by the Opportunity rover, since it proved that water quality on Mars in the distant past would not have been a barrier to the evolution and development of living species. Of course, water doesn’t definitively prove that there was life on Mars billions of years ago. But it does suggest that the continued search for fossil evidence or even living organisms, is indeed worthwhile, despite what some critics may believe. We only need manned mars mission to find old fossils on the martian soil.this will be the biggest milestone in entire human history . Thank you for watching don’t forget to put a like and subscribe to my channel corsair out .


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