I was at my computer desk on the second story taking a break from working online when I hear what sounds like my own internal voice, except deeper and more stern saying “Look out the window”. This startled me and made me debate my mental health, so I hoped to see something out the window that I felt was the right one, low and behold I see a flying football sized strobing tic-tac shape thing being chased by a bird! I see it pass by the window in front of me. It rounds the corner which has a window with the blinds down, it’s now at the south-facing window closest to me and I’m not sure what happened, but it’s like slow-mo happened and I had a very detailed look at the scene in front of me. The scene outside the window that’s 3 feet from me: I see the strobing Tic-tac shaped football-sized thing come into frame starting with the color red orange, then white, then popcorn yellow, then orange, and back to red orange and repeated that cycle.

Then I see the bird come into frame, this bird looks absolutely pissed, as if it was defending it’s nest. Three things stood out to me, there was no sound from the orb thing but I could hear the bird flapping it’s wings. The light being emitted from the orb didn’t illuminate the shadows on the building across from me or hurt my eyes. The orb kept an exact/perfect distance away from the bird which was uncanny to see. I lose sight of the orb in this room so I decide to go to a room that I think I might be able to see the orb again, I go to the room with a west facing window. I look out the window with my face almost pressed against it and I don’t see the orb. Instead I see a flock of about 15-20 of that bird species fly by the window heading what looked to be south by south-east and I no longer gain visual of the orb again after walking into the room which I saw the orb originally. The next day, it was about 10pm and I was downstairs in the living room and I see a shadow on the wall as if someone is upstairs in the loft that I had my sighting in. My mom and I look at each other and make a face and look up at the loft and see no one. Somehow someone was in the loft without making a sound going up or down stairs, or even when they approached the balcony and walked away. I had never seen a shadow person in that house until that point. NOTE: The above image is CGI.






STRANGE AND WEIRD IMAGES (strange-and-weird-images.yolasite.com)



FLICKER PHOTOS BY KEN PFEIFER https://www.flickr.com/search/?text=ken%20pfeifer

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