Andrew Doyle is joined by Eric Kaufmann and Inaya Folarin Iman to discuss the rise in LGBT

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Ep 156 Science, health and philosophy outside the Matrix – with Dr Andy Kaufman.

In this episode of ‘Living outside the Matrix’ Nigel Howitt and Andy Kaufman examine the logical method to discern truth, and take a realistic look into the future and the likelihood of tyranny. For the show notes go to To find out more from Dr Kaufman visit and To find out more […]

Kauffman Corner – Episode 9 (6/5/22)

Rany Jazayerli (Co-Founder Baseball Prospectus/@Jazayerli) and Soren Petro (Sports Radio 810-WHB, talk about the Royals pitching. Rany is ready to call for Cal Eldred’s job. Rany lays out just how bad the pitching numbers are under Eldred. Should ownership be at a “blow it all up” point with this regime? (1:03) A “Rany Rant”… […]