Slavoj Žižek Out of Context

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HOWARD “HOWDIE” MICKOSKI ~ “Simulation Reality Game & Death Soul Trap” [Age Of Truth TV]

Extraordinary and amazing interview with Canadian Author, Esoteric Researcher, Near Death Experiencer & Renegade Historian, HOWARD “HOWDIE” MICKOSKI by Age Of Truth TV Presenter and Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander. SIMULATION THEORY. Are we living in a simulation of Planet Earth? A sophisticated holographic illusion, a prison planet, a hi-jacked testing ground within the matrix? SOUL […]

Noam Chomsky on AI, Neural Networks, and the Future of Linguistics

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“Twelve zodiacs, twelve cell salts” EVERYTHING IS ASSOCIATED 🤯

“Hidden Astrology” ✅GET YOUR NUMERICAL READING HERE: ✅Check out The 432 Code: _________________________ 00:00 INTRO 01:44 THE CELESTIAL BLUEPRINT 03:37 THE BILLIONAIRE’S SECRET 07:58 THE CHIEF CORNERSTONE 10:04 THE COSMIC DANCE 12:06 THE LUMINOUS CENTERS 14:24 BIBLICAL REVERENCE _________________________ 🎵BACKGROUND MUSIC licensed through AudioJungle, Epidemic Sound & Artlist _________________________ 🎥FOOTAGE licensed through VideoBlocks, […]

Alan Watts For When You Need To Let Go

This will make you rethink your perception of life. Alan Watts’ powerful and profound lecture on letting things go. Original audio sourced from: Alan Watts, Extended Seminars – Early Radio Talks – G. K. Chesterton #alanwatts #t&h #relax “But now let’s have a surprise. Let’s have a dream which isn’t under control. Where something is […]

John Leslie – What’s Real About Time?

Get free access to Closer to Truth’s library of 5,000 videos: Time seems natural and absolute: the flow of moments, one following another, from the unknown past to the knife’s edge present to the unknowable future. But perhaps this is not so. Einstein shocked the world by showing that time was relative. What’s the […]

Meghan Sullivan – Epistemology: How Do We Know What We Know?

Register for free at for subscriber-only exclusives: What do we know and how do we know it? What is knowledge? What is belief? How is belief justified? What justifies us in believing what we believe? Is justified belief knowledge? These questions constitute “epistemology” – the theory of knowledge. Watch more interviews on epistemology: […]

Noam Chomsky: Media and Mass Manipulation

Media and philosophy, part 7. A virtual lecture on Noam Chomsky. #NoamChomsky #media #philosophy Media theory series: —- Outro Music: Carsick Cars – You Can Listen You Can Talk: —- Hans-Georg Moeller is a professor at the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department at the University of Macau, and, with Paul D’Ambrosio, author of the recently […]

E83: Africa and BRICS assert themselves. What should Europe do?

Major events in Africa have taken place in recent weeks. In Niger and Gabon, coups d’état removed historical European allies from power, adding to a growing list of such events in the Western part of the continent since 2020. New governments in countries like Burkina Faso, backed by broad popular support, are reassessing their deep […]