Live the Legend: 8 Mythical Places That Actually Exist

When it comes to ancient mythology it can sometimes be difficult to separate fact from fiction. While most myths are obviously fictional, they often contain at least a grain of truth. The ancients had to get their inspiration from somewhere. For example, the locations of some of the most popular myths are based on or […]

Syphilis: The STD that Won and Lost Wars

In 1494, King Charles VIII of France launched an all-out war against the republics of the Italian peninsula, a watershed moment in history. Within months, 50,000 soldiers from his army had fled, not as a consequence of bad tactics or lack of preparation, but rather, something invisible to the naked eye. A mysterious microbe, unrecorded […]

How Henry VI Genetically Engineered Henry Tudor for the Throne

The year was 1453 and Henry VI, King of England, was having what could be reasonably called an annus horribilis . His sanity was unsteady and his leadership and decision-making capabilities were even worse. In addition, with the English loss in the Battle of Castillon against the French, the king had effectively lost the conflict […]

Dying to be Beautiful: 7 Crazy Ingredients Used in Ancient Cosmetics

Makeup has been around for centuries, but getting your glam on in ancient times wasn’t as simple as going to your local Sephora. Before safe and regulated products existed on the market, ancient civilizations had to do what they could with the ingredients available. As a result, there were several weird (and gross) ingredients used […]

Ancient Mummies Found in Egypt with Golden Tongues

Archaeologists excavating at Qwaisana Archaeological Compound in Egypt have unearthed numerous ancient mummies, and some of them had golden tongues! Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities recently announced the new discoveries in a Facebook post . Dr Mustafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council for Archaeology, said that while the mummies are in “a poor […]

10 Shocking Facts about the Ancient Romans

When studying ancient societies, it isn’t uncommon to experience some culture shock. Even after researching a society for years, you’ll come across something that will stop you straight in your tracks. Few ancient societies have had as big an impact on the modern world as that of the ancient Romans, and evidence of their culture, […]

16 Striking Pieces of Horse Armor That Protected Them in Battle

The trusty steed was not just the loyal companion of knights and cavaliers, but invaluable to the war arsenal of many armies across the globe, as well as those in jousting tournaments. Such valuable and often well-loved horses needed protection, just like its master/mistress. The suits were often designed not only for defense, but also […]

What Could Go Wrong?! 48,500-Year-Old Siberian Virus is Revived

The world’s oldest known frozen and dormant virus has been revived in a French laboratory leading many to express concerns about the dangers of bringing to life ancient microbes. The virus was removed from the Siberian permafrost in Russia’s far east and is 48,500 years old, offering proof that viruses are incredibly hardy and capable […]

Romans Snacked on Nuts and Melons While Enjoying Colosseum Bloodbath

Over the last year archaeologists excavating the Colosseum in Rome have unearthed animal bones and coins. Now, they’ve discovered “snacks” that were consumed by the bloodthirsty spectators. Dating back to 69 AD the Colosseum, or Flavian Amphitheater , of Rome was founded when Emperor Vespasian restored the city after the Civil War. This 6-acre display […]