Ecuador's uprising escalates despite violent gov't repression

In part two of our series on Ecuador’s indigenous-led revolt against the neoliberal policies of billionaire banker and President Guillermo Lasso, The Grayzone interviews leaders of the revolt, documenting how Lasso’s security forces have escalated violent repression against demonstrators, treating them as enemy combatants as protest ranks fill with society’s most desperate members. Video by […]

Infant Burial Site Along with Furnace Discovered at 2,800-year-old Kelenderis

The ancient city of Kelenderis on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is the site of the Greek Celenderis, a port and fortress in ancient Cilicia and later Isauria. From here, a furnace for commercial production and a child’s grave with glass bracelets have been located, adding to the rich findings of this locality. Along with this, gifts have also […]

Howling The Horror Of Loss: Keening And Death Lament Of The Irish

“Bríg came and keened for her son. At first she shrieked, in the end she wept. Then for the first time weeping and lamentation were heard in Ireland .” The quotation comes from the ancient Irish text, Lebor Gabála Érenn , or The Book of Invasions , and describes what has been referred to as […]

Soldiers of Bronze: The Greek Hoplite, the Phalanx, and the Battle that Defined Them

Hoplite comes from the Greek word “ ta hopla ,” which means “tool” or “equipment,” and was the name given to legions of citizen soldiers who were tasked with protecting their territories from outside challengers. With the exception of Sparta, which had a permanent professional army, ancient Greek civilizations only called up soldiers when absolutely […]

Aramaic Inscriptions in Palmyra, Syria, Solve Mystery of the ‘Anonymous God’

The analysis of over 2,500 Aramaic inscriptions in Palmyra in south-central Syria has helped solve a 100-year-old mystery. Two hundred texts, dated mainly to the 2nd and 3rd century AD have been attributed to “The Anonymous God of Palmyra,” named after the ancient city they were found in. This century-old mystery had been puzzling scientists […]

30,000-Year-Old Baby Mammoth Is The Most Preserved Mammoth Ever Found in America

A 30,000-year-old baby mammoth has been discovered perfectly preserved in permafrost in the far reaches of Canada’s northwest Yukon province. Covered in skin and patches of hair, the Yukon baby mammoth is being called the most complete example ever discovered in North America! The Yukon Big Baby Mammoth: Archaeological Gold! The rare Yukon baby mammoth […]

Romans Drank Gladiator Blood as an Epilepsy Cure!

The ancient Romans were known for enjoying violent forms of entertainment – public executions, animal hunts, chariot racing, and gladiatorial games. However, the blood and gore didn’t stop with the spilling of gladiator blood – they drank it too! Records show that between the 1st and the 6th century, theological and medical authors believed that […]