Suicide Blast At Russian Embassy In Kabul Kills 2 Diplomats

Although suicide bombings against foreign embassies and other international institutions have decreased since the Taliban took control, the anti-Taliban ISIS-K group has continued to carry them out. Now, a suicide blast at the Russian embassy in Kabul has killed two diplomats. On Monday, an unidentified militant launched a suicide attack on Russia’s embassy in Kabul, […]

Russia Shuts off Europe’s Main Gas Pipeline Until the West’s Sanctions Are Lifted, Iran Tempts EU With Similar Deal – Economics Bitcoin News

Russia has seemingly drawn a line in the sand and will not turn on Europe’s main gas pipeline until the “collective West” lifts the financial sanctions against the country. The move follows the Nord Stream 1 pipeline allegedly shutting down for “maintenance,” but reports from Interfax that followed five days later indicate Moscow will not […]

Russia To Legalize Use Of Crypto In International Trade – Bitcoin Magazine

Russia is close to pushing legislation for the use of cryptocurrency in international trade. In current conditions “it is impossible to do without cross-border settlements in cryptocurrency,” the Bank of Russia and Ministry of Finance have reportedly agreed. The necessary regulatory framework will still need to be introduced. The Bank of Russia and the country’s […]