Bitcoin, Ethereum and select altcoins set to resume rally despite February slump

After the impressive rally in January, Bitcoin (BTC) seems to be taking a breather in February. This is a positive sign because vertical rallies are rarely sustainable. A minor dip could shake out the nervous longs and provide an opportunity for long-term investors to add to their positions. Has Bitcoin price bottomed? The opinion remains […]

Starkware commits to open source its ‘magic wand’ Starknet Prover

Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution StarkWare announced plans to open source its proprietary Starknet Prover under the Apache 2.0 license, which has processed 327 million transactions and minted 95 million nonfungible tokens (NFTs) to date.  The prover is the crucial engine Starkware uses to roll up hundreds of thousands of transactions and compress them into […]

Thailand royalty BOMBSHELL for Pfizer over princess coma – David Icke

A few days after receiving her booster injection, the Thai princess “suddenly” collapsed. Three weeks later she remains in a coma. The Thai Royal Family was just informed that the initial “bacterial infection” diagnosis was in fact always untrue; thus, from the very start there was a coordinated coverup by the BigPharma captured authorities. The […]

Injuries surge at cycle lane hailed by Jeremy Vine for road safety – David Icke

Three cyclists were seriously hurt on the Safer Cycle Pathway in King Street, Hammersmith, west London, last year – equivalent to the total number of cyclist injuries in the three years before the bike lane opened. The one-mile route also recorded an increase in slight injuries after 10 cyclists had minor collisions – more than […]

Binance to Support Georgia’s Crypto Industry Through Blockchain Education – Exchanges Bitcoin News

Digital asset exchange Binance has agreed to help Georgia to develop its cryptocurrency sector by launching educational and other blockchain initiatives. The leading coin trading platform has been expanding its presence in the region with similar projects in other countries. Binance and Georgian Tech Agency to Jointly Develop Country’s Crypto Economy The world’s largest cryptocurrency […]