Community-driven crypto projects still thriving despite headwinds

The highly anticipated launch and airdrop of Arbitrum’s native governance token ARB took place on March 23, creating a buzz around the layer-2 protocol as hundreds of thousands of eligible users and DAOs tried to claim it. Overwhelming user demand led the airdrop claim page to crash shortly after its launch, displaying 404 and 429 […]

Do Kwon to reportedly appeal against court’s decision to extend detention

Following his arrest in Montenegro while attempting to fly using fake documents, Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon will reportedly appeal the court’s decision to extend detention time for up to 30 days. A legal representative of Kwon confirmed the appeal against the Montenegrin court’s decision to detain the entrepreneur for longer than usual, according to […]

JK Rowling blasts ‘repellent’ New Zealand ‘mob’ after British trans critic Kellie-Jay Keen is doused in tomato sauce and evacuated by police before she can speak at rally

JK Rowling has slammed trans rights activists in New Zealand and the UK, labelling scenes in Auckland ‘repellant’ after anti-trans campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen was hit with tomato sauce. The controversial activist, who is known as Posie Parker, was doused with tomato juice at her rally on Saturday, forcing her to leave the protest early in the […]

Italians Refuse to ‘Eat Ze Bugs’ – David Icke

Our WEF overlords may want us to ‘eat ze bugs’ and be happy, but Italians are having none of it, as their Government has banned the use of insect flour in pizza and pasta. The Times has more: The growing use in cooking of flour made from crickets, locusts and insect larvae has met fierce […]

The Duchy of Cornwall Video – The Man Who Shouldn’t Be King – David Icke

A ground-breaking new documentary highlights the danger of a future King Charles and the scandalous way he runs the Duchy of Cornwall.  Through testimony from tenants and experts The Man Who Shouldn’t be King lifts the lid on Charles as landowner, lobbyist and heir to the throne. Read More – The Duchy of Cornwall Source link

US explores additional bank support favoring First Republic’s benefit: Report

United States authorities are reportedly deliberating on “expanding” an emergency credit line for banks, which may provide First Republic Bank a time buffer to address balance sheet concerns, according to people familiar with the situation. In a March 26 Bloomberg report citing unnamed sources, it was reported that U.S. officials are ruminating on what support, […]