In early 2022, in a short period of time, Canadian truckers went from being a “fringe minority” to being so dangerous that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked emergency powers for the first time in half a century with the specific Emergencies Act being declared for the first time since its creation in 1988.

The rarely-used emergency powers allowed Canadian authorities to ban public assembly, restrict travel, and maybe more importantly, freeze bank accounts without the need for court orders. This announcement was already following the blockage of more than $10 million by GoFundMe. Also preceding this extraordinary measure was a Canadian judge issuing an injunction for another $9 million in donations given via the GiveSendGo platform. With over $19 million dollars obstructed from people who were peacefully protesting, bitcoin was the only money (besides cash) that could make it directly into the hands of truckers and other protestors.

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