Given that COVID Mania is becoming increasingly unpopular with the public at large, the global ruling class has decided to rebrand their relentless campaign for technocratic tyranny. Bill Gates, for his part, is transitioning from a gene juice vaccine (mRNA) salesman to a monopolistic synthetic corn salesman. And once again, he is using the continent of Africa as the patient zero for his latest maniacal experiment.

At his annual Gatekeepers, I mean Goalkeepers, conference in New York City this week, Gates featured his lab made corn product as a solution to hunger in Africa.

The Microsoft founder is deeply embedded in the climate hoax movement, and has reoriented most of his “philanthropic” endeavors behind trying to change the earth’s temperature.

At Goalkeepers, Gates touted his GMO corn as a critical solution to climate change in Africa. If this confuses you, he means that he doesn’t want African farmers to invest in and consume nutrient rich livestock, which would actually improve their lives, because Gates believes the cows, chickens, and such are contributing to “climate change.” Therefore, Bill Gates has decided that Africans must subscribe to a lifetime of You Will Eat Corn And You Will Be Happy.

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