The Mysteries of Interstellar Travel to Mars & Beyond: A 2023 Panel with Scientists & Experts

@UAMNTV As global space agencies ardently compete in a race to Mars, aiming for expedition and eventual settlement, humanity is undoubtedly taking a gigantic leap towards the stars. Our panel of esteemed scientists and experts will unravel the intricacies of interstellar travel, offering invaluable insights into the cutting-edge advancements in science and engineering essential for […]

Eerie Audio Ties Between UFOs, Cryptids & the Paranormal

@UAMNTV In this episode, Steve Mera delves deep into the phenomenon of ‘Transplacement’ and examines how various phenomena utilize audio, as captured on equipment and perceived by individuals. We draw comparisons between reported UFO and paranormal phenomena, highlighting similarities encountered across different subjects. This exploration suggests a possible close association between Paranormal activities, UFOs, and […]

Paranormal & UFO Encounters – Startling Findings: Poltergeists, Shadows & Time Anomalies and More!

@UAMNTV “Project Doorway” Episode 7 – In this presentation we look at some of the most strangest paranormal events and reveal some of the startling discoveries made through scientific analysis of apports and quantum bridging, instrumental trans-communication, poltergeist manifestations, physical attacks, incendiary effect and combustion, shadow figures, corporate investigations, time anomalies and investigations involving police […]

Ultraterrestrials: Invisible Portals to Enter Our Reality | Advanced UAP Insights

​@UAMNTV Project Doorway Episode 6 – Join Steve Mera, a seasoned presenter and researcher with over 40 plus years of expertise in the field of paranormal and UFOlogical Study, in this thought-provoking presentation as he explores the intriguing link between geology and UFO phenomena. Dive into the realms of time displacement, gravitational anomalies, and the […]

What Does It Feel Like to Be Near a Tall White E.T.?… Linda Moulton Howe

@UAMNTV Dive deep into the realms of extraterrestrial encounters with the renowned Linda Moulton Howe, as she takes the stage at the 2023 Contact in the Desert Expo. In this captivating lecture, Linda explores the enigmatic world of Tall White ETs, offering unparalleled insights into their mysterious presence on our planet. This is an absolute […]

The UAP Narrative: Past & Present Media, Misinformation, and PR Tactics

@UAMNTV Explore Media and PR Strategies in UAP Narratives with Chrissy Newton, PR Expert and Podcaster. Discover past and present media coverage, government PR tactics, and misinformation campaigns in the world of UFOs. Chrissy Newton, founder of VOCAB Communications and renowned PR professional, shares her insights on The Debrief’s YouTube channel, alongside her podcast and […]

The Matrix Protocol: DMT, the Brain, and Consciousness Transfer Immersive Technology

@UAMNTV In this workshop, we explore the potential for transferring consciousness into alternate realities using the Induction-Immersion-Integration (III) Protocol. Delve into how the brain generates subjective worlds and its connection to external reality. Discover how DMT triggers brain channel switches to access hidden realities. Join the discussion on implementing the III Protocol in humans. A […]

“The Egregorial Realm” and the Secrets of Non-Human Intelligences

@UAMNTV The Non-Physical Entities and How They Can Influence Us – What is the true nature of non-human intelligences? In this talk Anthony Peake will argue that “entity encounters” can tell us far more about the true nature of reality and our role within that reality. As always, Anthony will use as his starting point […]

Unlocking the Holographic Reality: Science and Profound Implications

@UAMNTV The Holographic Universe: The Science and the Implications – In this “intensive” Anthony Peake will give attendees a full review of the discoveries of quantum mechanics and cosmology and will attempt to explain, in layperson’s terms, exactly why it is that many modern researchers are convinced that the Universe is holographic in nature. He […]