More SLS problems. More ISS problems. Does NASA have solutions? ANGRY BULLETIN

SLS did fairly well during the wet rehearsal, but not well enough to launch. Is that what passes for good news these days? And a failure with the Cygnus reboost test leaves ISS safety exclusively in the hands of the Russians. What can NASA do? #space #nasa #spacex Support my channel! EARLY VIDEO RELEASES AND […]

How to get to the Moon WITHOUT SLS or Starship!

SLS has experienced many problems, and will only visit the Moon once a year, even if it does work. Starship is the obvious answer, but there could be unforseen problems with the most powerful rocket in history. Is there another way? Well, yes there is. And we wouldn’t have to invent anything all that new. […]

China detects possible extraterrestrial signals! PLUS a few you haven't heard of!

More news…this time from China…about extraterrestrial signals. BUT, they deleted the story! We don’t have a lot of details yet, but I’ve got some info on more than a dozen unexplained signals that get ZERO media coverage from the Chinese, or anyone else. #space #nasa #extraterrestrial Support my channel! Scrubliner Merch!! New AA […]

FAA GIVES STARSHIP THE GREEN LIGHT!! Here's why…plus more hurdles for SpaceX!

The FAA is moving forward with Starship TODAY!!!! But there’s still lots of complications and hurdles to go. Here’s the details!! #space #spacex #elonmusk Support my channel! Scrubliner Merch!! New AA Logo Merch!! If you want to reserve a pair of ANGRY SUNGLASSES, please send $20 US, Australian or Canadian to: […]

Starship vs Vulcan Centaur! Who launches first?? 100K Challenge Update!!

Will Starship complete a successful orbital mission before Vulcan Centaur delivers Peregrine to the Moon? I’m still wagering A LOT that Vulcan will win through, even though Starship will change everything when it’s ready for service. And here’s why I think I’m right… #space #spacex #nasa 100K Challenge!! Watch The Lab!! Support my channel! […]

UPDATE!! SLS news keeps getting worse! Latest OIG report! ANGRY BULLETIN

The latest OIG report on ML-2 and the future of Artemis has just been released, and the news is horrible. Even if we manage to get humans back to the Moon, we may not have a path to missions beyond Artemis 3. #space #nasa #spacex My first video about the SLS Mobile Launch Tower Support […]

New Warp Drive Design! EXCLUSIVE interview with NASA Physicist Dr. Sonny White

I have been very hesitant to venture into the world of the Alcubierre Warp Drive. It never seemed plausible, even in the long run. But NASA Physicist Dr. Sonny White may have found another alternative! Support my channel! If you want to reserve a pair of ANGRY SUNGLASSES, please send $20 US, Australian or […]

Wrong about Apophis impact? NASA is taking a big gamble dismissing this dangerous asteroid!

In 2029, a huge asteroid will pass close enough to our planet to theoretically hit one of our geosynchronous satellites! Apophis will be closer than any sizable asteroid in recorded history. Even a tiny change in trajectory could spell disaster. So why is NASA dismissing the danger? #space #nasa #apophis Support my channel! If […]

NASA loses confidence in Boeing Starliner! Dream Chaser gets a second chance?

NASA just ordered five additional flights for Crew Dragon! This is enough to cover every mission to the ISS through 2028!! If that is the case, what does NASA really think about Starliner? And what about Sierra Space? #spacex #nasa #boeing Here’s the UK Space Race Video Support my channel! If you want to […]