Is the FAA trying to stop Starship? Plus, Dream Chaser prepares for flight!

Elon Musk claims that Starship is ready, but the FAA disagrees, at least for now. Is the government trying to hold up the SpaceX super rocket? Plus, Sierra Space prepares Dream Chaser for flight! #space #spacex #nasa Event is at The Pitch Cincy – 1430 Central Pkwy Cincinnati, OH 45202 Tickets are $10, preferably paid […]

New discovery!! Analysis proves UFO debris came from another Solar System!

The detailed analysis results from the Galileo Project’s expedition are in! Whatever hit our planet in 2014 was not from our Solar System and does not correspond of any known natural or manufactured material. What does Avi Loeb make of this? #space #alien #nasa Pittsburgh event runs from 2-5 PM on Sep 3, 2023 at […]

UFO Navigation! New studies suggest that pulsars are actually alien technology!

How do extraterrestrial civilizations navigate the immensity of interstellar space? How can they compensate for the bizarre effects of relativistic speed? Are pulsars incredibly useful natural objects, or the work of advanced stellar engineers? The facts are quite shocking! #space #alien #nasa Support! Please support my North America Tour! Opening date is Aug. 12 […]

Extraterrestrial signal detected 46 years ago TODAY!!

46 years ago today, a powerful, narrow band signal was detected from outside our solar system. Have we finally determined who or what sent it? Have we received more? #space #alien #nasa Please support my North America Tour! Opening date is Aug. 12 in Polk City! A $10 donation is good for one ticket, plus […]