Mercury Wallet Statechain Scaling Bitcoin

Mercury Wallet, a Layer 2 application built for Bitcoin, is currently developing infrastructure to integrate with the Lightning Network. Applications like Mercury are a way of scaling the use of Bitcoin by temporarily performing transactions off chain before returning to the main chain, making it easier and more cost-effective to make payments to other users. […]

Hublot Now Accepts Bitcoin – Bitcoin Magazine

Luxury watchmaker Hublot is accepting bitcoin as payment for a limited-edition watch collection. Hublot partnered with BitPay to accept bitcoin with its U.S. eBoutique and will continue to accept bitcoin through this outlet. Other luxury brands, such as Gucci, Balenciaga and Tag Heuer also accept bitcoin. Swiss-based luxury watchmaker Hublot is now accepting bitcoin as […]

ProShares To Release Short Bitcoin Strategy ETF

Proshares ETFs will release a new product which will allow investors to short bitcoin. Proshares previously released the Proshares Bitcoin Strategy ETF that trades futures contracts as well. Bitcoin reached its all time high days after its original ETF was released as this short ETF releases amid harsh market conditions. Proshares, a provider of exchange-traded-funds […]

Bitcoin Lightning Network COmmunity Diamond Hands Partners With Open House Group

The largest Lightning community in Japan, Diamond Hands, is partnering with one of the largest real estate firms, Open House Group, in Tokyo for a joint-research project. Open House will research leveraging the Bitcoin Lightning Network for real estate transactions in the region. The real estate company will also look to build out infrastructure practices […]

Gazpromneft Partners With BitRiver To Mine Bitcoin

Russia’s third-largest oil producer, Gazpromneft, is entering the bitcoin mining space. Gazpromneft will be partnering with Swiss-based bitcoin mining firm BitRiver to deliver energy resources to new and remote oil field locations. BitRiver was previously sanctioned by the U.S. for reportedly assisting Russian avoidance of sanctions. The third largest oil producer in Russia, Gazpromneft, is […]

Russian Central Bank On Bitcoin, Crypto International Payments

The Central Bank of Russian Federation recently discussed using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for international settlement. Currently, the central bank holds that Russia should only use the assets for international settlement, not within Russia. The comments were made by the head of the central bank and oppose previous positions held by the monetary authority. Elvira […]

Mawson Infrastructure Releases Bitcoin Mining Update For May 2022

Bitcoin mining company Mawson Infrastructure Group had a record breaking month in May, producing 185 BTC worth about $3.8 million. Production levels showed an 8% month-over-month increase with a yearly increase of 362%. The company added 4,000 ASIC miners to its fleet and has expansion goals planned into Q1 2023. Mawson Infrastructure Group Inc., (NASDAQ: […]

Wasabi Wallet 2.0 Contains New Features For Optimizing Bitcoin Coinjoins

Wasabi Wallet has released the newest version of its bitcoin hot-wallet, focused on accessible coinjoining features and an improved user experience. Coinjoining is automatic, though users can turn the function off, but users cannot select the UTXOs they wish to coinjoin. Wasabi Wallet 2.0 has a 0.3% coordination fee and preset options to optimize the […]

BOLT FUN Hosts Lightning Network Hackathon Starting June 16

BOLT FUN is hosting its second virtual Lightning Network hackathon beginning on Thursday, June 16. The event known as Shock The Web 2 is meant to on-board new builders into the Bitcoin Lightning Network ecosystem. The event will last four days with notable industry speakers and thought leaders and will offer up to $2,600 in […]

MicroStrategy CEO Sheds Margin Call Woes As Bitcoin Nears $21,000

Michael Saylor said his company had anticipated eventual bitcoin volatility and is prepared to “HODL through adversity.” MicroStrategy took out a $205 million bitcoin-backed loan from Silvergate Bank in March 2022 and risks getting margin called if bitcoin falls below $21,000. Saylor had previously tweeted that the company has 115,109 BTC as well as other […]