Firefly Will Replace Russian Engines On Antares Rocket With Beta Booster

This week Firefly Aerospace signed a deal with Northrop Grumman to replace the first stage of the Antares rocket with the first stage of Firefly Beta, this will eliminate the dependence on Russian engines and bring the manufacturing of the major structural parts into the US. Follow me on Twitter for more updates: Tweets by […]

Arca Space Makes Their EcoRocket 500 Times Bigger… And Wants To Mine Asteroids.

Arca Space are doubling down on their steam propelled EcoRocket and now seeking funding via crypto coin markets for EcoRocket Heavy, a monster rocket 500 times larger than what they’ve not finished building. And now they want to mine asteroids. Good luck with that I guess. Follow me on Twitter for more updates: Tweets […]

Thor's Children – The History of the Delta Rocket – Part 1

Following up on the History of the Thor rocket, I have the History of the Delta rocket, which began as a NASA version of the Thor in 1960. The Delta would evolve over time to match the mission requirements as they grew. Japan would build their own version of the Delta too for their launch […]

SpaceX's First 'FAA Approved' Fireball Of 2022 – Post Event Commentary

A small spin-prime test turned into a bit more of a violent conflagration than expected yesterday, leading to questions about potential damage to Booster 7 Once again, I’m indebted to the Tank Watchers down in Texas who have been monitoring development at Boca Chica NASASpaceFlight bringing the raw footage and scintillating commentary LabPadre’s Rover Cam […]