Evidence of ‘World’s Earliest Pilgrimage’ Unearthed in Northwest Arabia

[ad_1] Recent excavations and ensuing studies conducted at the ancient stone monuments ‘mustatil’ (literally meaning rectangle) in northwest Arabia have revealed the presence of a cultic ritual that was held way back in prehistory. Neolithic people from the late 6th millennium BC conducted a complex set of social, political, and religious rituals, as evidenced from […]

Europe’s Oldest Artillery Cannon Found Off the Coast of Sweden

[ad_1] A shipboard cannon, found off the west coast of Sweden, may be the oldest piece of artillery ever found in Europe! Discovered in the waters off Marstrand, the cannon has been crafted from cast copper-alloy and of small, muzzle-loading design. It was discovered by a recreational diver at a depth of 20 meters (65.6 […]

Saxon Palace in Warsaw Contains a Secret 45-Meter-Long Tunnel Underneath Its Ruins!

[ad_1] Tragically destroyed during the Nazi offensive in World War II, the 17th century Saxon Palace in Warsaw is a prominent historical site. Archaeological work being carried out at the site and its remnants have revealed the presence of a mysterious 45-meter (147.6 ft) long tunnel under the ruins of the old palace, which is […]

1,000-Year-Old Long-Haired Mummy Unearthed in Peru

[ad_1] In the heart of Miraflores, a part of Lima’s bustling city center, the well-preserved Huaca Pucllana ceremonial center site has yielded the remains of a 1,000-year-old mummy, dated to the beginning of the pre-Incan Ychsma culture (1100-1469 AD). The specimen is an adult individual with an intact jaw and long, brown hair, and was […]

Scientists Think 1.4 Million-Year-Old Stone Spheroids Were Deliberately Crafted

[ad_1] In the 1960s, when scientists conducted excavations at a site dating back 1.4 million years in northern Israel, they encountered a baffling discovery – they uncovered nearly 600 stone ‘balls’ amongst other more conventional stone tools. Now, scientists have analyzed 150 of these baseball sized stones and concluded that our ancestors intentionally crafted these […]

Lost Pre-Hispanic City Near Acapulco Yields Astounding Petroglyphs

[ad_1] A find near the Mexican city of Acapulco, in the depths of a sprawling pre-Hispanic city, spanning 334 hectares includes 38 petroglyphs, circular calendars, and a beautiful representation of a rain deity. What has now exceeded all expectations is that, amid the remnants of the forgotten city, archaeologists have unearthed a petroglyph depicting a […]

Downclimbing is the Overlooked Key to Human Evolution, Says Study

[ad_1] One of the watershed moments in the evolution of ‘human’ or ‘ Homo’ history is when the first hominids descended from the trees to achieve bipedal locomotion ( Homo erectus ), causing a separation in lineage from our four-legged ape ancestors. To add to this commonly circulated knowledge, a new study has found that […]

Massive Multi-Storey Structures Found Below Ancient Castle in Turkey

[ad_1] Archaeologists have uncovered vast structures beneath the ancient  Zerzevan Castle  in Turkey’s southeastern Diyarbakir province, revealing startling remnants from the Roman era. These expansive, multi-level edifices could house thousands of people beneath the castle’s historic foundations, and there is at least 100 more hidden beneath the surface! Almost a Decade: Digging Into the Past […]

First Metals from Outside Our Solar System Recovered from Pacific Ocean!

[ad_1] In the last week of June, a Harvard physicist made the claim that the world’s first ‘interstellar hook’ developed by him to hunt for alien material, had struck gold (not literally). The alien-hunter physicist, Professor Avi Loeb, has said that early analysis of tiny metal droplets recovered from the Pacific Ocean originated from outside […]

Sacred Jewish Ritual Bath Found Under Seedy Strip Club in Poland

[ad_1] The basement of a former strip club in the historic area of Lesser Poland, purchased 15 years ago, has accidentally revealed a historic Jewish site – a mikveh or Jewish ritual purification bath filled with water. Located in the erstwhile Jewish settled town of Chmielnik, the basement has another accompanying smaller mikveh used by […]